During An Eclipse Lyrics

During an eclipse
The gates are open

[Violent J]
During an eclipse you can jump through time
Portals to another life are easy to find
Swamp water rises, bodies slope to the surface
Bats fly into walls on purpose
Spattered blood; Nuns become suicidal
Countdown to Armageddon await the arrival
The hair on a cat's back stands up straight
You think you're ready for it but you're way too late

When the eclipse hits you better give me the slip
Cause fangs grow past my lips I get mad hairy and shit
My back splits through my shirt like the Incredible Hulk
f**kin' little chicken coop, it's humans I'm stalking
You can hear me howl at the moon for miles around
The most horrific sound making your eardrums pound
Blacked out all night till the early morning sun-beams
And I woke up butt-naked in pile of bloody leaves

During an eclipse
Hurry up this won't last
Better jump through fast!
The gates are open

Stuck now, what do I do? My skin is burning and bubbling
Hoping that I could find me a little cover in
to hide me from the sun cause it just turned black
Like a contact placed in the eye of a maniac
I got an axe and the reason I relapse my reaction to the fact
Is that you'd better lock your doors until the sun comes back
You got lucky cause the moon just passed
Cause I was 'bout to murder that ass
Put your lights out

The Moon blocks the Sun out; the freaks come out littering the streets except like roaches in a house
And in the middle of this shit I got the [?] lit and they dance around chanting as they praying to it
The ritual's habitual happens every eclipse:
just paint the pavement red with the blood of the rich
Always praying they're looking for a sign of the end
And when it doesn't come wait for it to happen again

During an eclipse
Hurry up this won't last
Better jump through fast!
The gates are open

I'm the eclipse like the fat kid in front of the sun
Stake deep like 6 feet I'm [?]
Under the earth I'm bustin' caps in whoever don't wanna die
Cause when the dark comes if they living a lie kiss 'em goodbye
I'm the 13th wonder, Dark Lotus purebred
With a graveyard of skeletons buried inside my head
In the backyard of my mind I play with the dead
Till the eclipse comes and it's time to bury 'em again

[Repeat till end]
During an eclipse
Hurry up this won't last
Better jump through fast!
The gates are open

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