Take A Ride Lyrics

[Danny Mana]

[Patrick Tanahan]
Hey, hey did you see that girl right there?

[Danny Mana]
I think I did!

[Patrick Tanahan]
Hey man, oh wow, same situation happened earlier today.

[Danny Mana]
Tell me about it!

[Patrick Tanahan]
Yeah, see, I was walking on the street, then I saw this
girl and I was like – damn! You know?
Yeah, I just, I just, I just walked straight up to her…

[Danny Mana]
And what you say?!

[Patrick Tanahan]
And… well, this is how it went right here… Let’s go!

[Danny Mana]
Tell em!

[Verse 1 – Khii]
I’m stepping out the ride, I’m fly
There’s a party in the club, people know that it is I
And my ice is too bright for your eyes
Every time I come around, it’s a hazard to your
I don’t know about you, but I might
Leave this club tonight with two dikes
But they both better keep it very tight
When they hit my house tonight, they gonna be up in the
And when I’m in them both, it’s gonna feel too right
They too hyped, like for Edward Cullen in Twilight
Starry night, the stars are up
I’m here right now, this shit ain’t finite
We are in the spotlight
And I’m, I’ma do it too right
They think they hanging with me, man they must be
smoking on a goddamn crack pipe

[Chorus - Khii]
Look ma (look ma)
Come and ride with a G (ride with me)
Is your dude as lame as he seems?
Look ma (look ma)
You don’t wanna miss me (nah)
Cause once you miss me, I’m gone to the next city (uh
I don’t have time to play
So are you coming, or you gonna stay?
Look ma (look ma)
I’m trying to get paid (yeah)
If you ain’t with it, have a nice day

[Verse 2 – Khii]
Now I’m back, I’m chilling in the ‘lac
And I’m cooling with a dime piece who got just a
perfect ass
And you know, she loving on my swag
She even asked me, if she can hold the Louie bag
But you know, I can’t do that
Never sleeping on the trifling ass girls getting stacks
But she’s still so fine, eyes of a cat
She got my name tattooed on her back
It gives me a reason to get behind that
I’m young but you know I got it like that
I can never be too young, regardless I’m the one that
your girl want
Is it cause, I’m sitting on stacks?
Or maybe it’s because, that other niggas wack?
Or is it cause, of this track?
Man I don’t know, but Danny bring the chorus right back


[Verse 3 – Danny Mana]
All I’m asking is, come take a ride with me
We could go anywhere you like, I can show you the finer
You can have the time of your life
Just follow your heart (your heart)
Ain’t nothing in the world, that could break us apart
Cause I’m just looking for a good time
And I’m pretty sure that’s what you want (what you
I could assure you’ll never forget
Don’t hesitate, there’s a first time for everything
A night on the town with me is what you need
Just ride with me

[Chorus – 2x]

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