Temptation Lyrics

[Verse 1]
3:30 and I wanna leave early
Tryin' to survive really, this 9-to-5 is killin' me
Contemplatin' on taking a quiet drive to Philly
When I got this text message on my cell, what the hell
Now I'm scratchin' my head, who is Lisa?
Did I meet her last week at one of my shows
Or is she just another one of my hoes, I wanna know, f**k it
Try somethin', I hit the reply button
She hit me back, and said it was me that her thighs wantin'
She said my frat brother gave her my digits
And now she wanna do some thangs to me that's major explicit
Awww, +I See Now+
Temptation's got my number on speed dial
'Cause it's always callin'
Fightin' with my conscience in the hallways, brawlin'
Pause, wait, stall then reply to that
Tried to act like it ain't faze me
D. Swain's reluctant
I tried to change the subject
What, she don't know I got a baby moms
Cheated on her crazy times
Got caught, maybe I'm too lazy with mine
The good Lord gave me a spine, it's time to put it to use
...sent her some bullshit text, talkin' 'bout
"How's your day goin'" or some shit like that
I ain't get hit right back, sort of relieved
So now I can focus on stackin' my paper like George and Louise
I'm still sittin' in my cubicle
No sleep for me tonight
Phone beep and Lisa's like "Listen what I can do to you"
She said when givin' head, she's the best of course
And some other raunchy shit, but the text cut short
Gift horse, and I'm lookin' at it dead in the mouth
Instead of the South, I should've moved to Maryland
My head is about, to explode
Don't wanna fold
Gotta play my cards right
Sort of like Solitaire and 'em
I swear it's been a minute...
Since temptation reared its ugly head
I'm headed for hell
If my baby momma finds out, I'm headed for worse
I'm famous now, groupies wanna give me head, it's a curse
Damn...this chick's waitin' for a reply
+Young, Fly, Flashy+ I could make Jermaine Dupri cry
So I see why she's sweatin' me
Wanna bang her out, but my conscience ain't lettin' me
Tryin' to ignore her but this chick's still textin' me
She never met me, but she wanna get in bed with me
They say an idle mind is the devil's playground
In my case, Satan's been on the jungle gym for seven days now
Infidelity, celibacy, jealousy
Plus I hate to have another woman's smell on me
So many reasons to say no
So why am I hittin' this girl back like,
"Meet me at eight yo"?

[Chorus: scratches by Danny]
Don't get it wrong, this isn't a chick song
It's long, so just be patient
Temptation is so strong, I'm gone
"Keep...keep...keepin'...keepin' my spirit alive...
I...I...I...I've thrived" - Pep Love

Don't get it wrong, this isn't a chick song
It's long, so just be patient...
"Squeeze...squeeze...squeeze off 'til I'm empty,
don't tempt me" - the Notorious BIG
"'Cause I'm go...I'm goin'...'cause I'm
goin' through thangs" - Rapper Big Pooh

[Verse 2]
4:30, boss let me off early
Three cheers for black power
Let me off a half-hour
Before "Headliners and Legends with Matt Lauer"
Oops, hold on a minute wait
I plumb forgot, that I had a damn dinner date
I'll scoop her up at ten 'til eight
Slackin' if I ever let my pimp game disintegrate
I tend to make a mountain out of a molehill
What I'm goin' through is so real
Birth control pills?
I hope she's got 'em, stop son
Pump your brakes
Three things I love in this world: pussy, money and steak
If someone opened a door, would he run and escape?
Look at these dummies with cake
Oh how I pretend to hate them
Now I'm fixin' to emulate 'em
Use my star status for a one-night stand
But we supposed to have some fun right? Damn
Man...I can't do it
Damn, is Dan foolish
Cancelled all plans, that's when temptation
Began to be a nuisance
Excuses is useless
I tried to tell her that I can't make it
She said "You can't just make some muthaf**kin' plans and break it
Besides I wanna do a strip for you and dance naked
Damn Danny, I'm throwin' coochie in your hands, take it!"
Take it? Take it as a sign from God
S'posed to be a Christian but I ain't doin' my job
Just then I heard a nice voice
Tellin' me to make the right choice
Stop livin' life like a slob
Was it God or a commercial on the radio?
Could've been both, but either way I'm goin' crazy yo
I wanna give in, but livin' in sin is a horrible thing
Can't deal with any more flings
So I decided I ain't gonna go through with it
If for no other reason so my
Baby's mother doesn't fuss and go into a fit
Fast-forward, four hours later
Man, how could I do this shit?
I'm in her bed lookin' up at the muthaf**kin' ceiling fan
It wasn't even that fulfilling, damn
The girl was hardly even worth it
Now she got the nerve to tell me she's in love
Hello...earth to chick!
Can't you see that we in deep shit now?
My career's in jeopardy if just a peep gets out
So keep shit out, ya mouth
Don't say nothin'
Matter fact, here's a couple bucks
I make music, now it's time to face it
Sex has always been my vice and now it's time to embrace it
Made her promise not to say shit
I reach for my pants
There go my WWJD bracelet

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Record Label(s): 2006 Badenov Records 1911 Music
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