Strong Will Continue Lyrics

Intro - Nas
All I do is stay focused
Looking straight forward at the world...and beyond
I feel people pulling me down
I feel some pulling me up
I can't get stuck
I just keep moving forward
I got places to go Man...Lets Go
When the Armageddon start get dread
A lot of weak hear a weep and moan
Only the Strong Will Continue
Do you have it in you?
Cause we've got a journey to go!
And when the battle get sour and dread
A lot of weak hear a wither and moan
Only the Strong Will Continue
I know you have it in you
I know you have it in you
Verse - Jr. Gong
The victory is found in Truth
Like innocence found in youth
Self-defeat is your own dispute
And when you put yourself inna your own shoes
It's...Either you're winning or loosing
Don't you get it confused
Cause you're starring inna your own movie
Playing out the role you choose
So stand up and fight
If you know say you right
No, you will never fail
Tipping the scale
And the wind shall prevail
And the boat shall forever sail
Hey.. There ain't no stopping or cruising
Even when we're battered and bruised
Out run all the sprinters
On Mount Olympus
My God tougher than Zues!
Repeat Chorus
Verse - Nas
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
New York to Calli
for the money power respect
It's a journey
Some will get left behind
'cause in life
You can not press rewind
Get it right
You only have one first chance
To make on first impression that lasts a lifetime
Reputation supersede itself
Do you believe in hell?
Babylon greed for wealth
Do you deceive yourself and let your ego swell?
And disregard those who most need your help!
Think skin
The dark won't take my soul
Survive spiritual wars
see my welts
And the evil's felt but the faith is stronger
I saw grown men fall when I was a youngster
But I clenched my fists
ready to go against whoever
Tied my Tims and rise in the end
Repeat Chorus
Verse - Jr. Gong
No man live forever
But never say never
Every 'goody' want better
Just be a go getter
And always be clever
In every endeavor
Cause drastic times call for drastic measure
Your birthright to pleasure
From your naval string sever
The land and the treasure
Work for whatever
Jah say don't be a beggar
The Alfa Omega
Who bless ever soul
No matter which name you prefer
The Immortal Stepper
Who lives in ever skin no matter which color leather
Would never let we down no care which kind of weather
You're destined to rise like the son of Rebecca
Don't stop for a second
Every man recon
It sure would be good to be there
Whether Zion or Mecca
When gates are finally closed
And the Saints go marching in.

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Songwriter(s): Courtney Glenroy Diedrick, Damian Robert Nesta Marley, Nasir Jones, Shiah David Coore, Phillip James

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He who is weaker will not survive and the strong has whatever it takes to win so keep strong and never back down
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