Insane Lyrics

It's chronic how we're bombing our body,
It's like a comet coming at ya,
Trapped in thought, crack out the rapture.
Time warp, waiting for stormy weather
Come on, let's get our shit together!

Take me to a place where the people ain't crazy
Taking the bait at the mainstream, A team,
Myspace theme with a face, never read a book,
Set it off con, drop a bomb in your letterbox.
What the f**k's wrong with embracing the earth mate?
Don't you know there's no such thing as a worse race?
Everybody knows when they're staring into her face, (Hah! )
Still they put her into her place.
Birth rate rising as pay falls,
Work takes time and there ain't more lives you can pay for.
Shot down, an AK, laughing the face off,
Selling you a little bit of soul for the sake of
Saving your own skin and bones while they play God, (Say what?)
f**kin' with the world since day dot,
Wasting our resource, blind in the street light,
Living in a dream and ain't ever gonna wake up.

Stuck in a head trip,
Right in the middle of your mind while I wreck shit,
Blind in the middle of the night,
f**kin' wake up, lies and deception rife,
And directed at the mind of the child, no protection,
No question, move along,
Nothing to see here, please move along,
Or you're coppin' a shot, you've got it wrong if you cotton on,
Droppin' a bomb from here to Lebanon, you saw what?
Top dog with a litter at lock,
So give it up Mister Politician rigging a lot.
Living lost, every citizen is innocent boss,
It isn't what it seems at all, but you're wishing it was.
Makes no sense killing for a paycheck, spray dead,
Spill a man's brains on the pavement, play dead.
Space quest in a maze of enslavement,
Brain dead nation, a haven of racists!

There's no apology for toxic technology,
Rampant candid cake jamming sodomy.
Fans of morality means nobody seems to me to mean what they say anymore.
Any day now as if we're all programmed to be canned,
Everybody's gonna go down, hands tied, crash landing.
Panning for golden garbage, scanning the best of the carnage,
Hardening quickly for pardoning.
Sickness, now we've all got it, why not dance with the devil?
Watch our bodies rot, now the devil's on the level,
Society's boiling up, dying in riots
Toy trucks for guys, guys for girls, dolls on deadly diets.
Old outdated racist rant's rising now, it's a freak show.
Everybody's letting go like it don't matter,
You're shattered, f**k it, why not go mad like the hatter?

Is everybody insane?
The whole world is insane...
Is everybody insane?
The whole world is insane...

I never said I was sane, I said I was strange,
I blaze medicine to better my brain,
You take sedatives, I reckon that you're wrecking your brain,
You ain't ready for the reckoning, begging and hatin'.
Step on the stage with a weapon, epilepsy, ya shaking,
Aching body and depression, calling it entertainment.
The same shit, games been invaded by satan, debate it,
The baby was raised in a basement.
Wake up the people with flames if I need to,
Take to the streets with some bass and a beat too,
Spit it in your face till your mates don't believe you.
Chasing your dreams while escaping the evil
Mundane, living like a B grade (C grade), D grade sequel.
Freeze frame. Stuck us at a replay (Lethal),
Peaceful, isn't it a cliche? (Needles),
Take whatever we say.
Legal, Regal, trip until the cradles fallen,
Fours to the floor, hear the neighbours,
Forked tongues sharp as the plate of a warlord,
Of course the corporate caution cornered it in a formula
Wanting it be war? we're warning ya,
Storm in your thoughts, kill a form in orbit,
Spit it raw through ya forehead,
But more importantly, of course I'ma ask it all.

Is everybody insane?
The whole world is insane...
Is everybody insane?
The whole world is insane...

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Record Label(s): 2012 Big Village
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