Pray Fi Dem Lyrics

Bashy Wave Music
Watchie Watchie Them A Watchie Watchie
Watchie Watchie Dem A Watchie Watchie

(Chorus) hook

Watch gangster chill an a cool pan di block
Smoke good cronics we a max and relax
Inna night time we make big move like dat
Nuff a dem a sleep dem ca watch dem ca chat

Watch gangster chill an a cool pan di block
Smoke good cronics we a max and relax
Inna night time we make big move like dat
Set you silent alarm a still gold mine dat
O Gash

(Verse) 1
Chat dem a chat we dem ya new style wa we drop
We da pan di sound we da pan di city yow we da pan di block
Gal dem a watch gal dem a chat gal dem a move
Gal dem a shake just like dat
Love how di gal dem hot inna dance
Love how di gal dem a jump an a prance
Winey winey pa patsy Pamela a wa mi want
Only dem da gal alone can spen me advance
Gi me chance a my style dat
Gal you dun know say dat you hot pa block
An a you all a flex lexus like dat
An a you all move just just like dat
Hot you hot moving pan di block gal help we bust it up
Champne we drop pa block
A di Daddy T da hush dem up
Big car big benz we drive big car big rim with tires
Big carr big bemmer here him come gal see him ya
Crew pa block dem a group pa block pure hate pa block
Then a who me da chat tonight me alone a go ride out
Man a soldier man no cub scout put money pa block
Me go all out money pa block me go all out dem a try get me out.

(Chorus) hook
Repeat Chorus hook

(Verse) 2
Money a spen nuff people a ben nuff a we inna di pen
That's why me no beg borrow nar len money a spen a di gun dem a defend
Wa happen to the children we a struggle hard
But no future no da ya fi dem
Popin bottle in di club di gal dem a rubba dub
Na show we youth no love that's why dem a full up a hate and grudge
But dem quik fi pull up pa we drop a case up pa we
Lawyer dem a sworm we all dem judge badman no wa see
Nuff hungry food no inna belly we belly empty only big gun fi bussy
We pray to di father but him na answer we just di big church wa we see
An den di herse wa we see so me haffy prey fi dem ghetto youth come me haffy prey fi dem
And di gangster dem me pray fi dem an di little childern me pray fi dem
Yow me pray fi dem so me haffy pray fi dem
Cause all a we all a jah jah children

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