Out Here Lyrics

[Bridge: Kaos]
URR URR east coast we got it poppin out herre
URR URR west coast we keep it crackin out herre
URR URR down south we got it poppin out herre
URR URR midwest, ay mo we gangsta out herre

[Verse 1: Kaos]
Derty we be rollin them Taccas on dubs out herre
Hella said it from STL but wish they was out herre
Them killa thugs out herre, them Crips and Bloods out herre
We don't say "whodi", we say "derty", "mo", "blood" and "cuz" out herre
Keep up we bugz out herre, hatas mean mugged out herre
We cop O's and get blowed, mo ain't no dubs out herre
Man I just love out herre, kisses and hugs out herre
You find them 9a's wit big timers in the clubs out herre

[Verse 2: Kemo]
Man homies ain't goin to no votin' polls out herre
We ain't got no control over who gettin chose out herre
That's why these cats walk around slangin O's out herre
That's why these cats walk around bangin hoes out herre
Man ain't nobody got no earrings in they nose out herre
Man I'll snatch that bird up out ya urrlobe out herre
Homies be coughin up they Polo's and Jumbo's out herre
Man we ain't tryin to be no damn average Joe's out herre

[Hook: Kaos]
We doin' our thurlthizzle while herre in the middle mo
I know you heard about it
So I hope ya ready world, cuz we comin hella thurl
And you need to worry about, urrbody

[Verse 3: Kaos]
We be smokin on the Black & Mild, Newport's and Kool's out herre
Ain't no fools out herre derty, ain't no rules just look at the news out herre
There's hella crews payin' dues out herre, mo we shoot pool out herre
Derty we ain't got a damn thing to lose out herre
You lose your money if you snooze out herre
You ain't kool out herre, you get knocked on the block by the lil' dudes out herre
We train hoes and run choo-choos out herre
Makin moves on 22's from 7-11 with them Jews out herre

[Verse 4: Kemo]
We eatin' China men rice and egg-rolls out herre
Rockin that platinum wit ice, ain't no more gold out herre
Homies perceivin work in heavy loads out herre
Cats got birds all over their stoves out herre
Derty be walkin round in heavy clothes out herre
Cuz by the end of September, it be cold out herre
By the end of November, it be snows out herre
And by the end of December, North Pole out herre

[Verse 5: Kaos]
What you think them St. Louis Blues don't rock that ice out herre
We shoot dice out herre, we be drinkin the best wit our fried rice out herre
You can make a wrong left and lose your life out herre
People ain't right out herre, we grind and get paid from pitbull fights out herre
I hurr people say it's so nice out herre, man its trife out herre
Man I wonder where they spend they nights out herre
Derty they trick for the right price out herre, but they shiest out herre
Think twice before you cut out them lights out herre
They'll catch you trippin wit that knife out herre
Bring your wife out herre, I bet you she get turned out by these dykes out herre
We live a total different life out herre, ain't no good sights out herre
Man Tina got that ass beat by Ike out herre

[Hook x3]

[Bridge: Kaos]
URR URR east coast we got it poppin out herre
URR URR west coast we keep it crackin out herre
URR URR down south we got it poppin out herre
URR URR midwest ay mo we gangsta out herre

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