Can We Spend Some Time Lyrics

This is a little somethingfor them love birds out there
Yeah, you know its all good homie
When your posted up, chillin with the homies once in a while
But sometimes you just wanna go back home to ur lady
U know what im sayin, cuz aint no place id rather be
Baby hittin me up like 'Baby, lets kick it'
Im like 'Cool, Ima show u cool baby'
Check it out dog

(Verse 1)
Now u r the perfect lady I crave
Bombay looks, smooth ass legs
Got that punani all trimmed and shaved
Sexy and wild but dont misbehaved
You say u want a young Juggalo in ur life
Drinkin is cool, but no drugsin ur life
Aint no hatin on that girl, I can respect
Arguments here and there but nobodys perfect
Since day one we've been on the connect
Take a visit at work, right off Prospect
See me and baby girl, we git it like that
I ain't trippin on her, and she aint on my back
You wanna kick it with ur homegirls, cool
Cuz Ima kick it with my homeboys too
But when u come back through, Ima swoop on through
Take u home, makin love, and Im whoop on u, shit

(Chorus x2)
Aint no place Id rather be
Spendin time just u and me
Sippin on some alize
Makin love all kinds of ways

(Verse 2)
Now we can sip on sex on the beach
And while we're at it have sex on the beach too
Witness how a Juggalo gonna freak u
Wwanna teach class, well let me teach u
Sit down and have a seat boo
Spread em out and let daddy eat u
You say you're missin me when Im with my crew
Just to come back home and knowin what u wanna do
Cuz I been with u so long, I know what turns u on
You never hesitate to pick up the phone
And lettin daddy know when you're ready to bone
She love to get it on when we're on the couch
Apply the hickies, tounge kiss in the mouth
Straight mobbin like a Bonnie and Clyde
Straight dip, skip to the West Side

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3)
See I know what kind of sex uu like, drink u like
And all the precious little things u like
Pineapple Rum and Pina Colades
Vodka with cherry, baby girl dont deny it
Cuz thats the main drink that gets u horny
All it takes is maybe 2 and you'll be on me
Got the leather coat and AXE cologne
Little big man and punani, its on
Dont listen to what ur ladies say
Cuz they jealous tryin to turn u away
Nobody does it better like me and u
Think of all the drama that we've been through
From the highs and lows to the thick and thin
You'rre still hangin in, thats why I comprehend
That you're ridin with ur man until the wheels fall off
Satisfied in knockin boots until the heels fall off

(Chorus x2)

So whats up baby
You gonna ride with me till the wheels fall off
Yeah I know sometimes u be missin me and stuff
But u know Im up in the studio, tryin to make this money
You feel me, dont be gettin all mad at me
When I be chillin with the homies once in awhile
Hit the avenue, hittin switches and stuff
Cuz u know Id rather be with u
But sometimes, u know I just gotta go handle my business, u feel me

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