100 Bar Blackout Lyrics

yeah this all?
no doubt
a yo
100 bar blackout yo uh

I set the sirens off every time i step in the streets
if you get the feds you better put a weapon to me
i want metal shit that will turn your vest in debris
blow you away like the winter drown your ass in the sea
sink you lower than the titanic
so many niggas is benched
it's like a man with no legs i can't stand it
yawl cats is pussy might as well come with a wig
get your self some d cups and try to change to ya fig
i run trains with my niggas yo we tag team hoes
when your crew get on the stage it's like a drag queen show
except yawl ain't got no wigs or skits
and yawl front like you gangsta till you see a gun in your shirt
it only take a bullet shot to put one in the dirt
and you better hope that it miss one of them nerds
cuz the vests is getting better, ya heard?
had to offer you to speak with ya jaw week, shit for words
you probably wondering if i'm crazy or not
there's only one way to find out nigga but a thing to my top
and if you wonder what a piece could do
i bust bleed in ya boo, make her offer you to breathe or move
i act wild when i bang, nigga d's a fool
but if your chick see me, she'll be leaving you
i take you to the strip and show you what a g can do
i want burners so hot make you heat the room
want ice that will make the bride leave the groom
make jakes, cold stakes with a fleet and scoop(?)
i'm so cold i be making niggas heat they tombs
and hop in with the quickness to meet they doom
you gotta be the one who made me to stop this kid
f**k with smoke that will make a nigga's nostrils bleed
you better see me when you got a doc cold in your palm
and a priest on your arm that could leave you to God
i've been sick since the day i was born
doctors had to tranquilize me in my arms just for keeping me calm
that's why i build a tolerance for the drugs
air packs and hollow tips to your mug spill your brains on the rug
slice your wrists up just so i can play with your blood
and like d (?) spill your face in the tub
yo, does this mic have a battery pac?
it would probably have to recharge 10 times to hand my raps
nigga f**k it i ain't plannin a hook
my rhymes are so hot, everyday i gotta put a fan in my book
that's why i spit like it's fire in words
i gotta rhyme on a cordless mic or the wire would burn
mad nigga's wanna chill without he best
yo the only way you can hang with me is with a rope to your neck
and you probably wonder when imam stop
nigga i an't gonna stop till the ak ain't able to drop
till your blood aint able to spill
i got so many bodies on my waste the government made me a field
just so i could f**kin bury them all
i paid so many visits to the grave that i had to mary the morgue
did you hear? had to marry the morgue
i cut your fans hands off so you can't get a round of applause
i want a whip that could level the ground
and if you old to the game, best believe imam setting you down
except it ain't gonna be with a wife
it's gonna be with a knife
if i can't bust a (?) in a night
i'm a little hungry man bro i'll shoot you in the stomach
then put a key of coke in your wounds to numb it
to spit a verse i wrote it's like a grope of hard liquor
nigga it'll burn your throat
give you stomach pains that spaz you out
eat you from the inside so the doctors had to drag you out
gag em out
you ain't real, nigga you a fag who (?)
i know a chick that will bag your spouse
get you shot in an hour or less
shower your vest
(?) big bites that devour your flesh
i can see that it's a game to you
you shouldn't play with a nigga that's better more flame than you
more clicks, more frames than you
more real, more ill, more will, more brains than you
the only thing i an't got is more fame than you
but a 400 shot 12 gauge will do
can't do it, imam page your boo
catch her late night
spit game, tell that chick to beg for food
pitch you (?) something that won't make ya move
wake you up to a tech, and a (?)
that ain't even half of what imam do
tie you up on the couch seal blows till your face is blue
have your whole fam hating you
and to think, that's a gram nigga, pictures what an 8th could do

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