Lions, Tigers, And Bears
Cutt Circle
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Lions, Tigers, And Bears Lyrics

One time for my soldiers. Power Circle n*gga, My Circle, Cutt Circle,
Shortstop n*gga Outta here you go Murda when it's war.

Out here in the jungle lions and tigers and bears, sh*t get hard but it's
Fair(fair), Murder when it's wartime, Murder when it's wartime (4x)

Jumping off the second floor, 10 toes, ready to go, Children running all
Around but that was never me though, I wanted to run with the big dogs,
Remember when I saw sticks and bout this tall, I wonder why them boys backs
Always against the wall,
(Cause when its wartime Poppa ya life be at fault), Now I know to watch my
Back bruh say no more, And one thing about it when it's war they ready to
Go, I be in the jungle with them lions, tigers, bears, and gorillas,
Playing with their food they'll kill ya, They go in attack mode they 10
Toes, And I love em cause they stick to the G-code, And this for them real
Niggas not them play play niggas, the OGs not the no knees, Hittin 4 flat
When they see the police,And trust me I will never fall always be real, And
I heard you don't like it but it is what it is


Man I done been through the worst to where it feels like I'm cursed,
Wishing that the Lord would've took me at birth, Cause I look back on my
Life all I can envision is hurt, I guess that sh*t hard but it's fair, Life
Of a junglelife lion staring at death,which makes me even harder to scare
I'm a m@#$%&f@#$%&, And if you ain't in that circle then ain't no love for
Ya, Murder when its war time cut to the bone n*gga
Out here in the jungle I'm Mufasa, Dreads hanging like a Rasta, other cats
Don't want problems, Foxes and hyenas out here lurking and they creepin,
Look inside these n*ggas demons wanna see you bleeding, So when sh*t get
Hard I take it easy believe me I go hard, Biker boys whole team choppa
Boys, And when its war we sliding any given minute, any given time n*gga
Any n*gga get it


Posted up with my true soldiers on that block, everyday riding all we know
Is Shortstop, On a daily basis these n*gfas hatin, So I stay sticked up
Waiting patiently, Gotta get this money it's time to eat, Man these n*ggas
Out here playing creep, Stay 10 toes n*gga and stay focused, On the rode to
Riches gotta get my tokens

Lady Tiger of the clique, wrap your a$$ up if I catch you talking slick, I
Know you h**s hatin y'all won't even like my pics, Catch ya a$$ slippin got
The laser on the stick,I'm stackin major paper with shortcutt the
Clique,You h**s talking crazy I ain't sold nan brick,I got my own and
Flipped my own ain't ask a b@#$% for sh*t, I'm out here on a mission while
You h**s suckin d***

My heart so cold, murder for the enemy, I'm just living my life I'm just
Living me one day at a time, sh*t hard but its still grind, these n*ggas be
Hatin, they got make me go crazy they got make me pull a muder show, murder
She wrote, out of here you go mane, them boys serving that cocaine, my life
So crazy crazy my lifestyle, my circle Cutt Circle gone wild

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