Roman Empire Lyrics

When the clock strikes 6 we strike and strike quick
Let me hear it loud say it I'd die for my clique

This ya' boy right here Hystwizzle
Yo' what's the chance of you survivin' once spits dampen ya' eyelids
Damage ya' iris rupture glands ya' plannin' to cry with
Trample your squadron leave ample time to respond with
Calmly I vomit the sickest quotes the god in the makin'
Precision what? fathom my gimmick this tiny voice is monstrous
It pass as a concious inside a walkman
Rivals often testin' Hyst push VI aside
Spits hittin' high bitch who's quick to die
Fist to ya' stomach I'll have guys spittin' they lunches
Anyone who rap rhyme or spit can get they Tampons
Ripped bronzed and reinserted among the emergin' forces bitch
You can't f**k around with Culture VI

Ayo' the patterns have shifted the techtonic plates have reversed
And now they floatin off the face of the earth
You have been given the curse of the one embracin' me first
Muscle strands emerge resemblin' masonry work
Basically you catch the Madagascar hissing cockroach injection
Speach ceases when you notice you can't stop the throat infection
deadin' ya' parts barge in a stadium with a jar of Urianium
Shrapnell's caught in ya cranium
I guess you got alot on your mind
So I'm a just AHHH! nigga Culture! stop and rewind
When I'm slayin' rappers cuz only science display the factors
Cuz I write raps so that they rhyme when you play 'em backwards
What? you can't f**k around with Culture VI

Dehydrated but I'm still spittin'
B J the black Jesus fly description I flow sick you can't
You can't find a prescription it's unfortune
Caught my first body killed my own seed abortion
H2O on any track scorchin'
Gimme an el a couple of minutes to get my thoughts in
Strugglin' with alcoholism I can't control it
Drinkin' like 28 Days Sandra Bollick
Gangster but I still can admit when I'm afraid
Watch me ride a beat like a surfer ride a wave
Oh man body lookin' like Conan
Plus I'm a dread like I'm part of Dave Mathews band
I'm still young half of 46
Still wanna come Brolik and Culture VI
Oh I ain't nice yeah right ya' gotta get ya' ears fixed
You can't f**k around with Culture VI

Juganot with bare hands disassemblin' brick walls my clique
Depicts spear chuckin' Spics with crossbows
And big balls goin' to war with bare toes
And ripped clothes eliminating enemy tri folds
Forget it don't try to set it you'll regret it
Commentators never seen a K O so poetic
You'll be needin' some local anesthetic cuz your pathetic
Beggin' for a medic with a double doctrines and prosthetics
No wins all you got is 20 pounds worth of screws and pins
Connectin' mechanical limbs verbal whirlwinds
Make heads spin then I rip skeletal frames and veins
What remains is loose skin
Rap prodigy lyrical anomoly
The majority of emcees get dizzy tryin' to follow me
Complex down to the cerebral cortex
Shit you can't f**k around with Culture VI

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Record Label(s): 2004 Culture VI Records

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