Nowhere To Run Lyrics

[Intro: ODB]
f**k that shit, know what I'm sayin'? You give a
shoutout to my nigga.
I ain't givin' a shoutout to no one for nobody. f**k
that shit.
Big Baby Jesus in the muthaf**kin' house. Know what I'm
Come on.

[DMX] Come on!

[Verse 1: DMX]
I don't walk that stop livin (bout like Bar?). Shuttin
down underground
streets of New York.
Hard what niggaz call me 'cuz the all be suckin my dick
in the
muthaf**kin bar, G.
I know they half so I laugh with 'em. Bloodbath when I
let the f**kin rap
hit 'em.
Full clip but only half hit 'em. That's all it took.
Another crook taken
out over a dirty look.
A black rig with niggaz try and shot that. They ain't
takin a f**kin
thing from me but hot lead.
You know my style pick up cuz I'm always schemin and
jammin. Nigga's
holdin a six-string.
Police! But you got no piece. It was just you. Big man
and a lot more
All I gets is pounds and nigga want none of this. Back
streets are like
track meets cuz I be runnin this.

[Chorus: Ozzy w/DMX]
Ain't nowhere to run (Cuz I be runnin this)
Ain't nowhere to hide (Come on)
Ain't nowhere to go (Cuz I be runnin this)
Reach and seize the soul (Come on)

[Verse 2: Ozzy]
Surrounded by the colors I see crimson, black and blue.

[DMX] Come on!
Locking open doors again, I'm still afraid of you.
[ODB] Straight up, motherf**ker.
Light to dark and light again, I always thought I knew.
[DMX] Come on!
Young to old and young again. What's left for me to do?
[ODB] Straight up.
Sister of the universe selecting me in time.
[DMX] Come on!
I'm falling down upon the earth and singing truth in
[DMX] Come on!
If I was a rolling stone, I'd roll until I flew.
[DMX] Come on!
And if I was a garden I would bloom in black for you.
[ODB] Don't y'all give a f**k?


[ODB] Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, aye, aye, aye...


[Interlude: ODB]

What you motherf**kers invented is the craziest nigga
ever been invented.
Most knowed him 'fore, Ol' Dirt Bastard. I call him
There's no obstacles that you have to jump. There's no
walls that you
have to climb.
This is real! This is elementary deal! Elementary,

[Verse 3: ODB]
I ain't no pitch on ya. f**k off, necklace wearin'
bitch. You don't want
this money till it's rich.
Buy my album! Call it by Dirty, set you free. Go
against the grain? I
gotta be.
I know you don't recognize me now. I done cocooned.
How many lightning bolts do it take to light up a
f**kin room?
Goverment people you better get the f**k off of me! We
don't need it!
It gets more augury. Bitches tryin to bust their ass to
get away from me
when I use my real name.
I call myself E. Nigga Butthole. All the same. All the
same. All the


[Outro Rant: ODB]

What motherf**ker? Don't try to psychology my shit
Cuz you can't psychology it, motherf**ker.
Never. Never. Never, motherf**ker. Never.

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Songwriter(s): Earl Simmons, Russell T. Jones, Ken Jordan, Scott Kirkland, Jack Martin Lames, Ozzy Osbourne, Rick Rubin

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