Of Seductress In Obsequal Attire Lyrics

Swathed in sombre velvet
She left me in her repose
In dusky dank tomb perfume
Enwrapped in swoon
Never to arouse

Thus I stood in cheerless crypt
And wept for her in grief
"My lurid beauty, mistress dead
I hate this kiss of ice-cold lips"
But she slept amort in dusk
So princely in her grace
Imperious, monarchial
I hymned this majesty of death

I called to thee:
"Wake up from this
Impenetrable slumber!"
Yell of mine resounded
The dismal castle
Lapped in woods in a heavy mist

Time had passed
Since she succumbed
And Death blackened her dress
She shared her beauty
With death-worms
Devoted her slender waist
To marble stone embrace
In the realm of Morpheus
For some days she seemed to rest
All of those unearthly fantasies
She dreamt now cobweb veils

But what is the kind
Of this soft voice
Haunting me in the nights?
Wher these entreaties
Spoken silently
The moan of my Funeria?

All my misgivings are broke
Steal me from here...
I know that thou hast not gone
Unseal my holy lair...

When the light of moon prevails
Over picturesque landscapes
And the awe fills up the lands
Night will bless our sweet embrace

Sweeteest was the song
That was heard
From under the slabs
Where embellished
She craved for me
The wine could not drawn her call
Candelabra whirled
In the nocturnal wicked dance
Endless supplications
Drove me out of my mind

Flustered I rushed down the stairs
Draw near, my minion...
'Twas time to meet her again
I languish in my grave...

Through the nights I summoned thee
Time has come to set me free
Thou art welcome to take me
On our couch of ecstasy

Vesper was turning into night
When I found myself in cellar
Lighting up my path
With a cresset burning bright

I came up to the shrine
Where my departed Queen abided

Slowly, as if in dream
I smashed down the seal
And broke open the crypt
My love oath to redeem

Stars were dim
So dull as her eyes
That stared right into the sky
What did she reveal in far
Beyond the mortals' grasp?

Blood-red wine made me blind
Haze covered my mind
I took her up
To join our lusts
We joined in our lusts...

In abandoned castle
We'll give ourselves
Up to our love
No one will disturb our harmony
Neither loons, nor servants at all

We imbibed the lure
Of aristocratic ardent sex
Ghosts and wraiths
Were guiding our dormitory
And nobody ever could vex

Duchess in her prime
Posthumous sorceries
Inflame desires of obscenity

Bewitching coldness
And defencelessness of thine
Attached me back to thee
And I could not resist thy spell
And stayed with thee
My nymph, forevermore

Castle became desolate
Now me and thou...
Inhabit this bodeful place
And share our fervent love...

Now the light of moon prevails
Over picturesque landscapes
And the awe fills up the lands
Blessed be our sweet embrace...

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