Just 4 You Lyrics

Just 4 U, Just 4 U, is why I wrote this rhyme
Just 4 U, so you can understand what goes thru my mind
Just 4 You, so you can understand who I be
the way a walk
the way I talk
the way I think

Welcome to a place you've never been before
It's laid back but raw
Jesus Christ for yall
I'm coming like a jab aimed straight to your jaw
so you better duck
when I bust· cause I'm letting off
From the door, I'ma lay some things to rest
for me it's Christ first and then this microphones next
you can boogie like the monsters, but I'll still be vexed
if what you speak is not about his most highness
Allow me if you will, to chill and build a few things
my foundation the Rescuer, The King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
deserves more than your applause
King Jesus say His name cause he reigns yall
For mankind, sin made a great big hole
and he became the cement filler to hold up the pole
called life, no pun intended
you think there's more than one way I recommend you listen
Choosing Christ is not like switchin' long distance
or choosin' what pants to wear with what shirt, it's different
much different, extremely different like strokes
but there's no Arnold, Willis, Mr. Drummond and no jokes
I'm provoked, by a world who wants to choke me out
my light's lit, but like Fro's they want to blow me out
So I let my light shine like a frost bit bracelet
the world you living in face it
His voice shaped it
He changed the face of history and you can't erase it
Sin and death couldn't hold Him and they tried to glue and paste Him
So where should I take it from here let's see
I guess that's enough work for the first verse piece


It's been made plane like Jane to me
and doesn't take an Einstein brain to see
that if your born your gonna die and that's the way it be
So you can kill your after life philosophy
cause if it's not Christ, your livin' slopily
like Joe, so I flow hopin' you'll copy me
and get down with Christ who's gotta monopoly
on the universe and works without stoppin', Please!
He don't need sleep, cause he's the word, ya heard
show me one better than Christ and it's him I'll serve
But you can't, and I'm not
and you won't, so just stop
feeling shaken; your thing is breakin'; come stand on this Rock


I'd like to take a minute or so if I could
to drop these last packages off in your mental neighborhood
They're postmarked urgent
from the Lords Bondservant
in care of the Holy Spirit who's now red alertin'
you to the fact that your deservin'
of no more
than the blaze of the torture and the scorch
but you're the next contestant, so come on down cause you've been bought
But your feeling bugged cause it seems like your caught
in your seat or ya' feet feel like they're stuck to the floor
but see the life of Our Lord
was spread out on that Cross
So we could escape the torch
not just for sport
no longer to be lost
If we recognize of course
that we're sinners and He's the true and living Life source
from which we must draw· it was sin and death that he fought
and when His breath left, "Oh my God" we thought
he took the L, but we soon saw he prevailed
so when I exhale
Oh yes, I expel myths
that outside of Christ you can know God cause He's it
High Priest, Prince of Peace, King Jesus
You better believe His name is King Jesus


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Record Label(s): 1999 1999 Cross Movement Records Seventh Street Records

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