One Day Lyrics

One Day I know She's Gon' See That
You ain't living ya life if ya like that
You ain't nothing in the place that you be at
You know you gonna have to go ahead in leave that!

[Verse 1]
I know this one chick
She ain't no dumb chick
She called me up crying
She had problems at home
Hanging out with them druggies
So she wont feel alone
Yeah she's got goals
But the pain she can't hold
Her mom always cussing in fussing
Up in the house
Tells her daughter that she hates her
Then kicks her out the house
Her mom calls the cops
But she ain't no runaway
Wen will this stop
She can't be thrown away
She's a star she gon' shine
Take it one day at a time
Gotta get herself together
Under pressure through the weather
What about the long run
Pop pills, smoke weed, OD, ya done
She's smarter then that


[Verse 2]
I know this other chick
And she stay taking shit
She claim she gon' quit
But she ain't doing shit
But popping more pillz
Her little brothers worried
Missing his older sister
While she's crushing up pills
Snorting on a family picture
And shit gets sicker
She lets her man hit her
At school she's a quitter
Her man says he loves her
She thinks she's a winner
But little does she know
He just wants to get in her
He's another loser
Slash drug abuser
She has it all
Good family in all
But she just doesn't no
She's wrecking it all
She drinks away her problems
Wit all that alcohol


[Verse 3]
It's like these people wont change
It's like they don't see
But when you on drugs
You really can't see
You refuse to, you choose 2
Do what you do to
Solve your problems
Just like I use to
I grew up quicker
They might never grow up
There's nothing wrong wit weed
But when u smoking everyday
There's something wrong wit you
So this songs for you
Just cause I see your struggle
Wake up and see
It ain't worth all the trouble
Me, I'm no angel
But I can look at life
From a whole other angle
Everything I said is true
From me to you
Be careful who you f**k wit
And watch what you do

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