Licence Plate Rattle Lyrics

I got some fine looking women
For the ones with potential
Got a resume, you can check my credentials
Works suspensful
Straight to the mental
I take it all back to the funk essential
Uh, did you really think I'm done
Thought it was a fluke
I went number one,
Please well homie lets see
Dropped the fan and now its just me
Got my homie, too tall
Ripped off the muzzle
Do the cript walk to the harlem shuffle
Click, tuck it back I'm sick
If I catch you lookin for me then get off my dick
For the fat one ghost ride the whip
Dirty boys perfevor you're beats are sick
And I'm ready if you're ready
Do you really wanna battle
I'll make the world shake
And you're licence plate rattle

Make your licence plate rattle
Make you licence plate rattle
Beats so sick, it'll make you're licence plate rattle
Make the world shake, make you're licence plate rattle

Sucker you two, rattlin home
You can hate all day but you can't get none
In a bad mood tattoed and hansome
Lost the big boss, speedys into phantom
Now heres what we bring
You can sing the anthem
Keep getting 86 but the crews can't ban them
Uh I walk by the line Walk into the club like the world is mine
I'm welcome into L.A. where the players play
Suckers come and go
But we always stay
You can push you're luck
But it could be fatal
Saturday night the knights or the round table
Im sipping on the bottle of the triple x lable
My big brother keeper but hes a wise old owl
You can party latter its show time now.
Ace in the hole, do not know how.


Its been a little while
Now I'm back did you miss me
Drop the track toss it back
Did you miss me like some whiskey
Its me Shifty like a gypsy
50-1-50 to the X 1 3
Product of the flow
Throw up the L.A.
Showing proof cos its what you do not what you say
I've got money to make,
And bills to pay
No if's ands or maybes
Its a brand new day
So fresh I dont mess at all
When it comes to the mic I'm profesional
And my enemies you can bless them all
Line them up on the wall
You can watch them fall
Uh,what, I've been nuts for years
Walking through my peers as I persever
Yeah, I'm ready if you're ready do you really wanna battle
I make beats so sick
It'll make you're licence plate rattle


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