Uv Lyrics

Peace to Walter White, I'm feeling ultra-light,
Like this shit was violet, sirens on my right,
Agony on my left, tragedy on my breath,
Day in my shoes, you couldn't take a f**king step,
I'm finding that my mind was designed to rhyme to timing that I define,
Define fine, dope rapper, rapping ahead of my time,
My prime, I can't find it, my lungs trained with astronauts,
Space my silver lining, so far behind you not even an afterthought,
Thought process a hot mess, I progress, resurrect stress,
Like left to my own devices I be left for dead, dead set,
To move thru the new school who's who with dudes who bruise fools,
f**king pussies, yall should wear tutus,
Rapping ballerinas, I'm proud to be the,
Drug addicted asshole, who turned his life around,
But sound like he could smash hopes,
My last rope been thrown over the cliff, aint it,
Tied around your ankles, that's a cliff hanger,
I rip anger in the midst of swift danger,
Change up to love before the twist,
Dangle your head beneath me, because I'm over it,
Old enough to know that Red Rover is a Doberman they let loose,
When you try to leave the zone you in,
I'm practical, you need to practice, hit you with a cactus,
Laugh when your ass is bleeding in need of a Tampax,
Yeah, this is something you can't have,
Whoa, whoa, I need to slow it down,
Yo, yo, this shit is going down,
Like anything Obama touch, no clown in my circus,
One man band, lyrical wordsmith,
With words that'll work this dark side of my soul,
Not perfect, but persist, to murk this, I'm nervous,
I murdered this verse shit on purpose,
Acrobatic patterns, I shatter the matter perfect,
The ladder I'm climbing is working, for certain,
I'm hurting daily, broke and I'm hungry, here we go baby,
Maybe I should take a break, ever going to happen – no,
Never going to rap like yall, never a fashion show, uh,
I'm just too tactical, jackal with an axe and bow,
I'm making the art of escape look easy, believe me,
Less of a breeze and more of a whirlwind,
Doing 65 when we ride – me and my girlfriend,
Peace to the bottom feeders, peace to my landlord,
I wouldn't wanna be ya, peace to Edison, I wanna roll in your corporate
And leave your mouth hollow like an orthodontist,
Of course I've been, praying I get to heaven, but,
I'm just a dude with a death wish,
Yelling “f**k you” upon my exit,
Like I really wish my last words could have been my first impression

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Record Label(s): 2015 Craw

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