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Westwood - Craig David Freestyle Radio 1 Lyrics

Uh, yeah, check it out
Eh yo, it's time to change your routine
Back to when I was age 18 with a dream
Back when I was bringin' somethin' fresh to the scene
When I was rockin' my beanie cap and Evisu jeans
It's like I've been in the cold
But now I'm fired up on it, ready to go
Got this game tied up ever since I came through the
Got way more woman trouble though then ever before
It's like a 12 inch promo, somethin' that you might
find with an instrumental
Acapella just for you to sing along to
But it's the beats that make you bounce in the club
Treats are, always there ready to bring the new flava
K 2 4, the garage raver
12 tens amp along with speaker
With the DJ cuttin' it with a crossfader ?
All up in that 'coustic guitar
Gotta tell you I never thought I would make it this far
Have enough money to buy myself a Porsche Carrera
Or be on people's walls in the form of a giant poster
Ugh, that's all I got to say, so thanks to my peeps who
supported me
Dance floors nationwide, you feel me
Treats remix bubbling nice and easy

Cause how I get down, how I get down
This is how Craig gets down, how Craig gets down
This is how Craig gets down, how Craig gets down
This is how Craig gets down, you choose

Yo, but you know dat
She's so hot you can't even hold dat
Her fire make ya burn on contact
Deep like dis track
Nowadays she don't need be hold back
Sneaks out to the mall, never crawl back
If you wan' be impress
Quality time you need to invest
Got 'nuff money your arm she na' interest
Cause she dun been blessed
Back in da day when she na' 'ave all dis
Now she done, tell no one else can calm dis
Hear me now
Hot, (freaky freaky) sixteen bars
Hot like Biggie rappin' One More Chance over DeBarge
So hot she'll have me beggin' for more
And even hotter when her Victoria Secrets drop to the
Hot like Elle, hot like getting' down with Giselle
What the hell? Hot like sex back at the hotel
But brace yourself, before you start to play yourself
Because a Coca Cola bottle shape ah it a run de place,

(Had to be done, let's take it here)
(Big shout goin' out to Giggs, massive shout goin' out
to Tim Westwood, DJ Spoonie)
Ah, my DJ Spoonie sent the track
Said spit an acapella on it then send it back If people heard Craig David talking hard on this track
Even Tinchy Stryder said that on the streets, it's a
In 2008, straight makin' moves
In 2009, ain't got nothin' to lose
Now you can buy my records any way you choose
But 2 fingers to them fools that be breaking the rules
First, Fill Me In get in my first million
No need to hold a nine no need for knife carryin'
Just hungry for the music wanna ride the rhythm
Now I can talk hard after 13 million
Haaa, flash your lighter if you're talking the hardest
New for the street, same beat, different artist
Mans on road, they like grrrr heartless
Giggs dun killed it but I'm gon' merk this regardless
Walk in the party, girls brushin' past me
Guys gettin' vexed that they still wanna barley
Soo much, bottles of Bacardi
I'm gettin' leaded..I'm leavin' with somebody
It's like a weekend ritual
Trap some in the club then get home, get physical

Bring that back, let's come with this
Re, remix, a little somethin' like
You know what, I-I-I, I can be a bad boy like Diddy
Or run up in da club sippin' a Bud like Fiddy
My game so tight I dun need nobody wid me
To spit a group 16 bars at the MOBOs over a medley
Be, straight fire you can feel the heat
It's like a shot of absinthe, make your knees go weak
It's so much harder than the concrete under your feet
The kind of bass got mans like me straight tumpin' the
Ah, made on the D low
Moved by the kilo
Same sorta rush ya shootin' up usin' needles
But this ain't illegal
My mic is my vehicle
But right now I'm gettin' to-to the club wid my people
Ha, yo, where should I start
Buy me a glass of somethin' cause my throat's feeling
Forget the VIP, don't need to feel like a star
Eh blood, I never seen so many beans in the dance
Shots lickin fast, champs in the glass, chicks grindin'
on me while my **** gettin' hard
No need to ask, back to the yard
Straight to the ? where da legs come apart
Yo, yo it's as simple as that
So if you're in the club tonight there's no time to
Now girls, don't be frontin like you ain't up for that
Imagine you one off ___ while he be ___ from the back

(Tim Westwood, DJ Spoonie, Craig David all up in the
building, ah)

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