Twist It (freestyle) Lyrics

Call me Snoopy, top dog on the roof
Snoopy Iceburg on, I'ma mute, bird followin', too
Pied pipe, minus the child song on the flute
Single file line, pile dimes all in the coup
Let's go, the one I liked was tryin' to be defiant
Thought the only way I'd get her wet was by a hydrant
Then I told who I signed with, my eyes squint
The brain was so good, she blinded me with science
Let the rental whirl, spinnin' and I earled reckless
Gave your flirty bitch a thirty inch pearl necklace
Said girl, check this, I lied when I said I was signed
But lifes a bitch and the worlds sexist
So take it in stride
My boys burn blueberry, you hear me? I don't mean
bakin' a pie
Shit was so hot we started introducin ourselves to each
Smoke it all from good trees to cheap lumber
I'm the man, so pump up the jam
I up jump the boogie to f**k up your plans
Freaks open, hoes stayed are deepthroatin'
And I came, got hot, but okay I'm reloaded

Y'all niggaz 'bout to twist it, huh?
Club fight crew leave a few scars
Your ass dumbs out when you drunk
Your ass won't make it to see tomorrow
Y'all niggaz 'bout to twist it, huh?
Club fight crew leave a few scars
Your ass dumbs out when you drunk
Your ass won't make it to see tomorrow
We step up in the club, we're unclean
Drug fiends turn a club to a drug scene
Get rid of that drink, get rid of that dutch, we about
to earl
We about to earl, We about to earl
We about to earl, We about to earl

Either side of the coin, I'm hard
Reason I'm regarded as pointguard
Of all joints, I guarded the ball point
Your whole joints I snored through, face it
Bring a force of hatred to complicate shit for these
Off trees and a concoction
Just one option cause not one of who your occustomed
Make way for the bust, we'll hustle the foundation
Do math, tryin' to travel the path without satan
But some cats prefer to be learned
Certain these shots will leave you with more spots than
a dalmation
Y'all cats ain't heard of me, but that didn't occur to
He was hopin' the surgury was out-patient
Nope, my flow game is so sign cocaine
Saxaphone Coltrane, Hank Hill on propane
Don't provoke me on a toke of that special
Toke choke that'll have you out twistin' a pretzel,
let's go


Twist 'em up, yup, y'all some sittin' ducks
Mind it, might try to find another bitch to f**k
I'm in the club hazed out, not concerned with others
Roll a dutch, light it up, let it burn like Usher
f**ker, plus your hoe, she's tryin' to ride
Stay fresh to death like my soul was cianide
Yep, and thats' the king, he's the choice of freaks
One verse and Kay Slay'll loose his voice for weeks
But y'all fake and conterfeit, y'all don't know Dominic
The shit the kid be spittin''ll have y'all trickin' in
And once the chronic's lit your bitch is gettin' honest
Quick talk bout she love how he get down on her plus
she's he's on his dick
All kinda shit listen to twice and you're rewindin' it
Inclined to spit, still can make the owner of those
diamonds sit beside your bitch
And if she's fast with the game
She gettin', broke off like a claspimy chain
Ain't cuttin' slack for no lames, half of y'all rappers
just suck
Against the King, you take an L, like I passed you a
Feel the agony, I'm never shook to peal caps, dog
I got my strong arm steady and will blast y'all


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