Dinner And A Movie Lyrics

A glutton for pain, try another diet
A laugh riot for hip hop dramedy
Ignore the credits the more you let come easy
Commotion make a grown man queasy
So ill all work and no play make
Jack high as a kite, especially Sunday
Cool gust, breezy afternoon
Conspiracy’s about landin’ on the moon
I’m crunk, I’m Buzz Aldrin kid
The blackout cut the power grid
The black on, jokes he transmits like
Your mother’s an astronaut and shit
Slow wits, backstroke belligerent
A hard worker, pound the beer with diligence
A penny for thoughts, a rap caused ducats
A calm commotion, a laid back ruckus
Hit the playback, solve this puzzle
You’re Pat Sajak I’ve got rebuttals
Grand prize, whatever the heart fantasize
Drop by you’ve got a fresh surprise
Your beat so hot they sizzle when you mumble like
I know I’m nice but keep it on the humble like
So nice you had to say it thrice like
Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, Calm Pete, psyche
On to the rhythm you don’t stop the ladies say
Get it, get it, get that money
You work hard to make them ends meet
You better take her out to a Dinner and a Movie
It go on to the rhythm it don’t stop the ladies say
Get it, get it, get that money
You work hard to make them ends meet
You better take her out to a Dinner and a Movie
And a movie, and a mo-oo-ovie


Left the cinema dumbfounded
Caught a ride with the late night despondent
Look from then on, there she go hey you
You lucky broad, cool cat calico
Night vision and I ain’t talkin’ goggles
I’m talkin’ foresight for tonight’s travels
Pick a place, lemme handle mine
She talkin’ bout snacks, you stand in line
Peanut butter marmalade sandwich gully
Appetite keep you on the up and up buddy
They say patience is a virtue
Then virtue must mean I won’t f**k you
I got jokes, must be the sugar rush
Bittersweets, not on the syllabus
Pop quiz, multiple choice bubble
A help in the trouble, save you the trouble
Impatient, overworked and sensitive
How could cool calm dare need a sedative
She on some shit to sell her rates slow
Man f**k this, she wasn’t worth the convo
Good things come to those who wait
But these are New York minutes so lemme demonstrate
Nice and smooth, hate to be a hater
Peace see ya later, take me out with the fader
Pity couldn’t stick around, heart shaped cookie
Seek help, I got game like a rookie
Prescription (brought to you by anti-anxiety nookie)
Sick of these odds, get a new bookie
Petty little banter keep it in the houses
You in bitch, game blouses
She keeps on calling me (3x)
But I don’t really mind


Last night I just slayed the cat
At the middle of hot sex, where ya at
She on top, humming impromptu like dip it low
Tellin’ me she like it when I rap slow
So that baby dog had like the finest
And she kissed the dick, pure bliss
And I mean that sincerely miss
Lick the balls, smooth as eggs, spread the legs
Insatiable like Peg Bundy
Even got on her best pair of undies
God bless the girl I hope she rule the world
Like the greatest pussy make life unfurl
Take her for a twirl quick lovesick
Caught looking like a late night flick
Tricks, bags, bitches, broads
These lame dames who call us dogs
Taste the puss like riff raff Heath Cliff
Pepe le Pew if you on that stink shit
Lazy Laz love to smoke grass
Luxurious miss hate to French kiss
Old maid, sweet but talk dirty
Street walker, strut so purty
In hind sight, I love them all
Even the names that I can’t recall

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Record Label(s): 2005 Embedded Music
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