Stagnate Lyrics

mt: oh yes i'm back again, i'm on tha mic, talking about the crap and
you know that i'm that type, just hanging around and i never get the
grip, but now i'm f**king serious and i'm feeling f**kin sick, i'm sick
of seeing all those military minds, ready to kill, violence pays the
blood destruction, dead human being, children, civilians enough of
seeing, the news the papers are full of that shit, i can't take it, i
gots to
get rid of it, and if you know what i mean you gots to know what i mean,
am i going insane, or is this just a bad dream, no this is nightmare,
but truth as hell, hell is on earth, hear the satanic spell, i gotta do
something but what can i do, wow there comes a warhero.
ik: i'm a miracle child of this ignorant age, and i'm coming through
your block with a rampage, my style and my sound, they cause hysteria,
better be prepared when i'm coming through your area, coming on strong
like a raging bull, just step back cause my cup is full, i won't
have it no more, i can't stand it no more, united we stand, divided we
fall, you're guilty af a murder in the first degree, just how damn cruel
can a human be ? nonsence, violence, both are the same, cause killing
int the name won't give you any fame, ashes to ashes, dust to
dust, your militarism fills me with disgust, showin obedience, standing
in line, refuse and resist, i gotta get mine
mt: war heroes, with their army and weapons, children grows up in the
middle of chaos, learning to hate each other, kill another, destroy the
mother earth, sucker, so many
reasons to kill your brother, religion, money, killing is funny, leaders
are just watching the show just playing the game, how many credits are
left before the blood rains ? nuclear
shit is ready to use, but who will push the button who will light the
fuse ? i don't know but i can easily imagine, world is full of insane
men and war is fashion nowdays, when
no-one can hide, civilians are targets, enemies in wrong side, your
side, my side, world is black'n'white, walk through the battlefield,
religion is the guide.

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