Use Me Lyrics

Baby I'll take you to the movies then to my jacuzzi
Say you wanna use me that's where you lose meeee
Or better yet that's where you lost me
Using me is dangerous but losing me is hostile
So now you gotta pay for trying to f**k the game up
You can't be mad cus ah muthuf**ker came up
Seen you on the boulevard walking with the same
f**ked up and you were jumping in that same truck
With that same lame f**k
You could use that muthuf**ker Frankie baby never
pays to f**k
I like to get paid, with no switch blade
Call me greedy but you'll never say I'm bitch maaade
But that bitch made money
Out on the streets she came up on ah gang of dummy's
But I ain't hating though, more power
I'm just saying gold diggers get golden shower

I wanna spend ah new
That if it feel little good getting you
Oh you just keep on using meee
Till you used me up

It's like I said before, ese all bitches rattle
I went up in the bathroom, like baby what's the
I caught her ass crying, cus she couldn't play me
Mija don't trip, honey you ain't gotta taste me
Cus we could work together, we could be ah team
You could set 'em up I just come up with the schemes
All man want the pussy, like ah f**king fein
She brown young and thick she the one in his dream
That's when I enter put the gun to his temple
Ah girl cuffed 'em up and put his ass in the rental
Extort 'em for ah million, if not I'm gonna kill 'em
His fam drop it off now it's gonna pop off
Ese on to the next one, the using never finished
Cus if you want the money gotta treat it like ah
And when I'm done, then she done too
Homie smoked her in the desert with the 22

Oh girl if you only knew
You the wizard you were in my shoes
Girl keep on using meee, till you use me up
Until you use me up

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