Undisputed Lyrics

Got the bloodshed lyrics, that parish the rivals
Bullets from their body, there dead on arrival
Cus nobody got ah conscious, now ah days
I speak like ah pimp from the caverae
Executing ah chump, it's ah daily habit
I'm flipping the script, full clip automatic
This is knowledge, all you love sick rappers
Ese try to be commercial I'm just controversial
Stay tune, cus I'ma make 'em pay
Ese carry out my plan that's the order ah day
It's my deminion, corridor remaker
Suckas in the business clearing present danger
Wrong place, I'm coming for that ass
You could try to clash guaranteed I smash
Toe tag body bag for ah piece of mind
Muthuf**ker C Rock gonna push the line
And betrayal,, is everywhere
It's beyond what you know they ain't playing fair
But this is how, operate on ah daily
I got you my boy, with this f**king Israeli
I'm ah composer, of the hardcore rhyme
But this ain't rap, this organize crime
The causing effect, could get you checked
And me the most wanted, murder suspect

Undisputed soy Big C Rock, Notorious Enemy, Felony Case
Entertainment. f**k with us, you see, I don't even need to
tell you. Cus you know, muthuf**kers gon' get that work.
Here we go

I holp up the riders, that got that wreck
Ah serial killer when I manifest
I appeal to the streets, in ah moment of truth
The voice get heard, smoke out in ah booth
My advice, if you wanna live
No game muthuf**ka I just came to win
The rescoded, I'm in demand
The metropolis, ese where you stand
This foo's here today but tomorrow gone
Check don't sweat my technique is bomb
I blow up the spot my concentration deep
If this is beaneath, I'm breaking your teeth
Cus I brain storm, this is chaos magic
It come in the form, of something traggic
Then your done, your in memory of
And me in the back homie twisting ah dub
So say your prayers, on your knees
Cus if I drop ah song, sabotage your release
This is how we draw on them dead end blocks
Ese green eyes chiva and the coresmen rocks
Logress, just the commers in death
And everytime I speak your baby mama get wet
Your body guards, need some paramadics
Cus the hole in they head gave 'em more than ah headache

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