Under The Bus Lyrics

Full of cash though, I'm at the plateau
Live ah paint brush, Vince and Vandal
The clip going off cus the trigger get pulled
In this West Side killing, I'm the one that set rules
Ah blood filled pool, to get your mind right
f**king with that meth, or snorting that white white
Their not in my league, not even close
You my f**king patient, so take your dose
As I point it at your chest if you get out of pocket
Presuming I'm ah product, your messing with profit
I sleep you, eternally
That's the way I move I do this forcibly
I'm the King, C Rock The Boss
Greenish black Chuck's double x Lacaust
Evil thoughts, that's the name of the tool
Ese date's being name, the location obscure
Yeah homeboy, this is work play
Ese ammo catching up, if your running away
I'm ah sinner, and you ah beginner
I get busy, that mean I deliver
The heater's, that'll smoke you
They wrap around your neck, rear neck and choke you
Cus I'm tactical, problematical
The damage that I'm causing is collateral
My delivery, is so damn fatal
I've been doing since before the cradle
Throwing flames, burning down the building
Foo I go all in and commence the drilling
About to kill it, ese happening lately
I grew up in the 80's, with Spanky and Shady
Bad schemes, executed daily
In the sea of pay, where my personal Navy
I rhyme so strong, never slackin'
I've been got it crackin' with financial balance
So enough, cus enough's enough
I'ma take ah puff, then come back tough
The codal assassin, that keep on blasting
Notorious comando, is ever lasting
Be attacking, at any cost
While this fake ass vatos in the end go soft
You ain't built for this, they just rap about it
I could see through the smoke, though my vision cloudy
Long range, ese shot's get tooken
Hot in the kitchen when the Chef get cooking
Where your balls at, they've been missing in action
Ese balls all you get, from that sinister faction
Ah birds eye view, some are evil
All day I get high so at night I be legal
They trying'a me up under the bust
All you lames fall back cus I'm 'bout to bust
I'm going nuts, ese ain't you heard
On my Youtube channel is like word for word
Their trying to throw me up under the bus
I ain't even tripping not giving ah f**k
I'm above, the f**king rest
I hold the title, The King of the West
C Roca

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Record Label(s): 2014 Conejo

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