This Verse Be A Novel Lyrics

All I Have In This World
Is My Balls & My Word
And I Don't Break Em For No One...
Make Your Motherf*cking Move

This Verse Be A Novel
About Some Heinous Crimes
Another Hood Classic
I Recite These Rimes
I Gained Exposure
From Fox 11
Submerged In The Culture
Since I Was 7
Social Commentary
And This My Vessel
My Inner Most Thoughts
In The Streets They Echo'd
The Slang Thick
And So Is The Click
And So Is The Bricks
That I Move So Quick
No Gimmicks
Home Life In The Sector
I'm The Music Director
Killing All Them Defectors
Street Poet
You Gotta Earn Your Rep
The Gang Violence Spreads
You Get Lead In Your Head
Dark Side
Got You Badly Wounded
And It Was My Crew
In That G5 Moving
Penal Codes
That Got Us Facing Time
The Grandfather Chimes
This For My Partners In Crime
Shot Callers
Key Holders & Soldiers
Take You Out Of Circulation
Got A Chip On There Shoulder
Some Are Older
And Some Be My Age
I'm With Them Playmate Bitches
And We f*cking For Days
Drug State
Premonitions And Shit
With The f*cken Rap Game
I Got A Bone To Pick
I Transmit
All The Shit I Commit
Ese Hard Hitting Raps
And I'll Never Submit
Night Watchmen
Ese Walk With Me
Cause I'm The Emcee
On That Murder Spree
A Dose Of Malice
I Go From Houston To Dallas
Then To Oklahoma City
Whole Nation My Palace
The Worlds Not Enough
I Want The Universe
f*ck A Federal Beef
I Came To Quench My Thirst
Hell - House
Gun Eruptions Occur
Muthaf*ckers Get Hit
Quick Death I'll Ensure
Took A Fall
But Had Crazy Rise
A 50 Caliber Size
To Prevent My Demise
They Despise
The One That's Flipping Pies
So They Started Dropping Dimes
To Them F.B.I
I'm A 9.5
On The Richter Scale
Ese Rabbit Kill Tracks
You Better Grab That Rail
I Push Wigs Back
When I'm On The Prowl
This A Page In My Journal
To The Game Devout
Court Arraignments
On Several Counts
Ese Criminal Possession
Of Large Amounts
Plus Accounts
Under Various Names
So Get The f*ck Out My Face
I'm A Keep It The Same
Attend A Pagan Celebration
My Reach Is Global
Codes Get Spoken
Bootleg T-Mobiles
I'm Like Chernobyl
Radiation For Years
I'll Snuff A New Muthaf*cker
Wet Behind The Ears
I'm What The Streets Created
Your What Your Lady Created
You Muthaf*cken Simp
I'm The Pimp You Hating
I Stated
In My Rimes Before
I'm Sedated From The Tar
And Stay Pushing That Blow
I No You Panic'd
So Take Some Xanax
They Say He Satanic
The Flow Be Volcanic
You Assed Out
And That's At Any Cost
Hoods Get Crossed
And Baby Mamas Get Tossed
From My Initial Arrest
I Was Wearing A Vest
Obsessed With The Murder
O.G.'s Was Impressed
I Suggest
That You Get Out Of My State
Ain't No Time To Debate
I'm A Count To 8
I Get Irate
And Start Beating You Down
That Muthaf*ckers Start Asking
Why He Got Whiped Out
Confiscated Them Bricks
And Took His Bitch
Ese I'm A Get Rich
From Taking His Shit

(Fleetwood Mac - Oh Daddy)

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Songwriter(s): Conejo
Record Label(s): 2015 High Caliber Records
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