They End Up Losing Lyrics

People, people in this day in age are brain washed
And program like a computer being nothing more than
This nation this country is founded in violence
Violent delife's tend to have violent ends
It's, and it's there something rare in individuals
putting groups people and ages
It is a rule, during this killing what their done
for duty profit or fund, then murder themselves
after this democracy

I shut it down, and get rid of the burner
White snow in thee apartment got me lacing the
It's ah risk, for the cynical mind
LA news always speaking about the rise in crimes
They wanna take our freedom, and put us in jail
They might for ah second but they'll never prevail
This is hell, I'm in ah b boy stance
No break dancing I'm just taking ah chance
Holes brass, to their back blown out
There's no romance I'm just f**king her fast
Roll out, on ah sleepless night
Whole blunt to myself, now that's ah flight
I hold grudges, they ain't f**king with me
It's ah 1 8 7, that rains supreme
Know what I mean, it's what I became
Ese roam with the ratchet on the rival's terrain
The neighbors smell the weed, from blocks away
They know what it's about C Loco insane
So watch it, cus the game been shady
It's filled with them struggles while the feds try
to take me
It's official, I'm already the king
And I don't give ah f**k get ah poisonous sting
I'ma bring, brass knuckles and knifes
And go deep cover just to kill 'im on sight
Ese Laker tail coop and ah fleet wood caddy
Muthuf**kers got smoked coming out of the alley
That's how I do, I'ma get at their sight
You don't understand but it's called survival
They'll revive you, if you lucky as f**k
But if they late 30 seconds time to hang up your
4 trucks, of active banging
Ese all up in your district and it spell disaster
I got's to blast you, I'm ah master of war
So if it's get money then it's time to restore
Your best hope, you in ah nuclear bunker
I'm ah merchant of death, that physically punk you
Illegal entry, to give birth to ah son
And an unfriendly face full of drugs and guns
Stay out my way, the first thing I learn
And the f**king P D is of no concern
My only dream, was by any means
To rise through the ranks, and get this green
Ah street thug, ah professional con
That's f**king twin sisters then he's writing ah
Ese body bags pile for the execution
Throw 'em in ah ditch, that's how we dooze 'em
Danger, but they still choosing
To go against the case and they end up losing

Serial killers do on ah small scale with
government's doing large one
They are ah product of the times and this are blood
thirsty times
Even psychopaths have, emotions if you dig deep
But then again maybe they don't
Yes I amule, not ah hundred percent but I am evil
Evil has always existed
Perfect world most people seek, should never come to
And it's gonna get worse

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