That's My Dog Lyrics

Night after night in these f**ken streets
Ese muthuf**kers know what I does on beats
Magical featch, that got you strapped to your seat
Ain't the only one that done it but my shit is
Guaranteed, que los ago birria
If your losing your mind esta coca te alivia
Toking Sativa, I'm in ah cloud of smoke
That contain all the evil-Homie that's my dog
I bang bitches, for their income tax
Let me flip it right there and I'll get you back
Anxiety attacks when I enter the room
Ah homemade takiyasu then I exit the room
2 balloons, cooked up in ah spoon
The tar so dense it become my tomb
That's metaphoric, put that on your blog
C Roca ain't no joke-Homie that's my dog
I force my way into the buyers pockets
Now it's crack house slang when my new shit dropping
Just ah kid, on the block pop locking
Unanimous decision I'ma keep on knocking
So be cautious, when you enter my ring
ATM 2 11 when you enter your pin
That's 3 double O I'll be back for more
Muthuf**kers know it's wrong-Homie that's my dog
I'll bring that, savage thunder
Ski mask boy whole place be under
Surveillance, so it's in and out
Ese get away car money bags no doubt
So relate if you can if not appreciate
That I would take the time, to illustrate
It's on you, to weigh the pros and curls
You don't like it I'ma stab you-Homie that's my dog
Long verse no hook you's ah comic book
Sodom and Gomorrah turn assault you look
I was booked, on ah 1 8 7
Homie lawyer came in I was out by 11
Spot shook, then ah ticket was booked
Ese out to Korea to test ah nuke
28 street duke on the microphone
I dethrone any sucka in the combat zone
You gonna learn, to respect your elders
Ah mean 16 ese of my helpers
Hollow tips, you abandon ship
I got the gold AK 2 taped up clips
I'm equip, just in case it get messy
Those ain't my finger prints on that 50 Desi
I wore gloves, when I did the job
That's why the city's all mine-Homie that's my dog

Foo, you been representing for ah long time now
I hit the county, they was talking about the music
I hit the state, they was talking about the music
I even hit the f**ken feds, they was talking about
the music
Don't let no one get in your way homie
Get yours on the serio

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