Running The Streets Lyrics

Eyes low low, that's how I roll
Got the engineer mixing all this gangster vocals
On ah console, ese just for you
That's why I thrill muthuf**kas when I come on
I don't fall off, I just put in that work
And when the narcs come around they leave it
smelling like pork
I'm grade up, everyday of the week
From Veracruz Catemaco with them ancient techniques
And we in here, foo like 50 deep
Ese marking up this lames leave 'em fast asleep
f**k around, and later smash down
Down town skid row need ah victim ghost
So keep ah distance, my shooters with the business
So f**k ah paramedic 'bout to end your existence
Dead body in the tuck, left blood on the carpet
Ese Venom pulled up come on homie let's start this

5 in the back of the Cadillac
Patrolling the varrio violent habitat
Hood rats on the news homies ain't had of that
Monique's available for the plan attack
Put 'em by surprise alotta sport in that
Bumping tattoo ink your price will blow on half
These vatos wanna rap but I'm just busting caps
Homie homie please step up your whole cats
Tienes que entender todo es idioma
Como en Brazil las calles no son broma
De la mano, la muerte te toma
Y si te le escapa's quedaras en coma
Running from the law that's how we run the streets
Street life street wise complete the concrete
Ah bullet in the chamber, common sino 6
If you know how'da act homie homie that speak

We can go in ah heist, late last night
Today we collect them vatos got the slice
Cus in the shadows, is where I lurk
You get hurt you get murk when I kick up dirt
This are the hard knock streets, where we at
Cords wrapped up in ah blanket you ah welcome mat
(semi shots) I'm ah fool with the semi
I reload quick it's like I never go empty
Their go the drones, flying over the zone
Ese muthuf**kers hatred trying to take my throne
They some hoe's, just talking that shit
They ain't getting nada dawg I'm running this shit
They call me C Rock, I give your wife the pipe
The bitch all hype she wanna move in tonight
My cold crew, is direct from the hood
You think that you could foo I wish you would

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Record Label(s): 2014 Conejo

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