Rap Magazine Lyrics

f**k ah rap magazine, I roll with Force
Cus I'll never see my face, in the f**king Source
So behold, ah pale white horse
Getting over on the system it's the shit I endorse
Ain't too many that could do what I does
And maybe that's because I'm plugged in with the drugs
I shrug, when they play me your CD
That's why I can't leave, muthuf**kers is feinind
Serio, this ain't no rappers delight
I'm on some schoolly d, and smoking primos tonight
Slide me some dope, be f**king stuck in the zone
They got don to the bone was my methadone
The metric dome, keep the beat on time
So move to the side, with your nursery rhymes
And let this pro, unleash the flow
They got you fixing in the back, that tar and snow
Out this world, UFO
My girls nipples popping out with the camel toe
I'm ah childhood war, surrounded by foe's
You wanna 50 double up come and knock on my door
Cus that's the way, I paint ah canvas
Old Steve Lano's should'v signed me to scanless
But he didn't, so I signed myself
Nothing I release, ever sit on the shelf
My whole catalog, is ah epidemic
I'm in the meth lab, like ah f**king chemist
I'm ah dentist, and you ah cavity bitch
Extract your ass, for being ah snitch
And put ah hex, on all you rejects
Saying that you next, that your style is complex
I send ah text, to my boy in hood back
Ese hit 'em with some ice he received through Fedex
Paper coming back withing 24
Electronic stash in the passenger door
The funds I invest in ah civil war
I got two blond freaks, on the floor
Eating out each other's, f**king cookie
C Loco's OG, ese you ah rookie
Playing hookie, go back to jr. high
Before I have the little homies, do you ah drive by
This is real, as it get
Just watch the news, on your TV set
I play roulette, the Russian style
Ese you could check, through the ranking file
Stay ah while, and witness the violence
Maybe on you if you don't keep the silence
Now it's minus, you my boy
You bit the bait, decoy destroy
Now get this message, to Havi Lopez
So I could swarm, like ah pack of locust
To anything, that he put in my way
I hang with my dogs, like Omar say
J O S to the E
That's my name, on this Cali ID
De Los Santos en Jalisco like my gramps and then
Woo, the mean I'm with the business
8 car caravan homie built to kill this
Tilt this, f**king bottle
And pour me ah shot, 12 O'clock no votto
Time to go, and get that dough
Guaranteed I'll be back before your put in the morgue
It's time to forge, ah f**king alliance
Between all of us, that live in defiance

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