My Mind Just Erupted Lyrics

All my enemigas, turn to ash, when I break out on these
putos, this automatic stash
My rhyme dropped down like a one ton stone, gangster
ass vato ese like Al Capone

Vatos disappear, like I was doing magic
Sleeping like ah baby, it was death in the cradle
Can't figure out my ways, some say suicidal
The way that I react, to me is f**king vital
Cause all my elements, ain't ordinary
La calle beinti-cinco, my status is deadly
Conejo trix, I'm from that muerto fin gang
Ese all bitches rattle, and I trust no man
So come into my realm, my fearful domain
It's just like ah speed ball, carga cocaine
You get a f**king rush, as you enter my dimension
Heroin kicks in, relieves all the tension

My mind just erupted like ah volcanic eruption
Me plus ah cuete, equals total destruction

Surprise surprise, ese open your eyes
Lok'd out conejo, I be that devil in disguise
Cause what can make you laugh, can also make you cry
I'm from that big bad ache, and simon I'm down to die
Todo psycho, I'm flaco from the piedras that I smoke
I toke and I toke, it's my victims that get broke
Fatal were the wounds, to make ah vato break
Despite all the madness, regardless of my fate
On ah dark story night, when evil's all around
Echos of my voice, be the only f**king sound
Panikiado, and I sense theirs betrayal
This diabolic trail, my canton where I dwell
The gates have been open, I'm the keeper of the gates
In order to pass, first you must indicate
Ah scar, ah sign
The number of the beast, en esta dimension
You will never see defeat

My mind just erupted like ah volcanic eruption
Me plus ah cuete, equals total destruction

Vatos out there claiming to be hard, but are
unprepared, and off guard
I said devil tri, pond those who f**k with me
What you talk about, is just plain talk
Ese let's take ah walk, let me review from happiness
Misdreavus I infest, in the path of no return
For sure you will burn, you'll stumble and crumble
Then you'll get disposed, I'm out of the condado
I'm still ah malvado, so ese cuidado
One, two, Veneno's coming for you
Three, four, you fell into ah hole
Five, six, you snitch like ah bitch
Seven, eight, I excorpate like Mortal Vape
My flow ain't giver, I do pose the trigger
The way I illustrate, makes you hesitate
My method on destruction, is to eradicate
NO toleration, for the enemy dictation
Again extermination, of the enemigos
That took that risk, now their face got's ah wisp
My venom shower's, wit immense powers
Undistracted, my mind just erupted

My mind just erupted like ah volcanic eruption
Me plus ah cuete, equals total destruction

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