Music Is My Bitch Lyrics

Music is my bitch, so get me rich
I drew the f**ken beat like ah hoe ass trick
I'm quick, to send my LP out
Ese drought head over now it's time to sprout
Without ah doubt, this is gang bang music
I compose murder raps every time I do's this
It's like I'm fusing, my soldier mind
I left everything behind knew I would up inside
That's alright though, I still put in my work
More than all you muthuf**kers rounded up on the
I floats, foo with chronic smoke
I pull up on the mic and unload the coke
That's what I'm known for, in the 52
Homie sees over there they know C Rock is ah foo
It's like that, hell yeah it's like that
Ese crack anybody in the face with the bat

Haha, yeah that's right
I told you foo's, music is my bitch forever
Ha yeah
Feel this
Let's go

You scared, I'ma rhyme forever
Ese nothing is forever but I'm way too clever
So I sever, ese this rappers heads off
Vatos came to back us so I had to let off
The whole clip, as I jumped in the Chevy
All black with the tardas screaming f**k out my way
All day, foo it's hache pe ese
Calle sin salida ese muerto fin trece
Estremese, homie toda la tierra
And muthuf**kers know exactly donde te yeva
Al Infierno, that's where I dwell
In case you don't know that's the gates of hell
Musical ese, grab your Smith and Wesson
Cus when it's all over there will be no question
What direction, that you going
Ese music is my bitch now the whole world know it

Hahaha yeah
It's like
Shout out to all the homies in the game that's
putting it down like me
Music is my bitch
Ain't that right bitch?
Check it

To the producing, that made this track
Homie line me up another and I'll shoot that back
Dawg C Mac-11, The Legend The Great
We be known from right now so don't make me wait
Never late, ese always on time
By the time you drop an album I drop 5 of mine
My work is classic, your name give amnesia
Bump me up on the street loco anesthesia
Indonesia, is the shit I'm blazing
This is what you get when the curtain raising
Like you racing, and your tire blew out
You made ah pit stop but you never came out
I'm on the front line, ese pushing the line
Loco in the f**ken trenches with the strap at my
I'ma die, when I'm old and great
Ese been around the planet but this still LA

It's still LA muthuf**kers
That's where I'm from
In case you didn't know, music is my bitch
Get your ass on the f**ken corner hoe

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these lyrics are submitted by Oscar Moctezuma

Record Label(s): 2013 Felony Case

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