In These Times Lyrics

In these times dawg of hate and pain
I sit up in my office and snort that Caine
Gun dealer coming over I'ma make that purchase
Then take the weapons back to the H gang fortress
So know this
You can't get like me
I'm immortal with the flow it's ah bust or reload
The party's over as we enter the building
Ese Gatos in the booth and Venom just chilling
I'm the purist from my dope that money can buy
Rap sheet resumé
I'm high in the sky
You can find me on the ab with the tiny midgets
Homie two young bitches trying to shoot me the digits
Sound like ah set up
It could be my last
If the instrumental sick I'll mop the floor with your
This is lyrical crack so just grab them Tec's
It's like como dice it's the Wild Wild West
But C Rock got ah plan don't you know
In my do or die city you can lose your soul
The same place where everyone on parole
Survival is ah must we doing damage control
We the meanest and yeah I mean this
I rose from the ash like ah f**king phoenix
I smashed on you're hood figures with triggers
Homie led f**king bullets with the stainless delivers
I'm ah giver of poetry close your eyes smoke ah blunt
That's the master key
The P.D's gave the third degree
To warn all my boys out in Tennessee
They got nothing
I was back on the road
I still keep in touch with secret codes
The Gat I reload is about to explode
On any barricade in the way of my low
That's real and no ones to blame
Cause the music never had an effect on my brain
I learn shit of the shit I saw
That mix with the streets C.O.N so raw
That's my Aztec blood
Give me the thirst for blood
There's many ways to get it one of them is the flood
I keep it bloody
Angel of Death cold blooded
But muthuf**kers know that's the way I run
I'm 100 proof I'ma raise the roof
Then get away cleana operate so smooth
You want the truth then here it is
I'm ah Warlock Wizard and I Conjure shit
Behind the seas is ah must
From the day that I left I had to readjust
Had to bust and toke angel dust
Think about jail and the knifes I'll thrust

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Record Label(s): 2012 M,Usica Asesina

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