I've Been Gone Nine Summers Lyrics

I've been gone nine summers in cuyents and hummers
Right under the radar, I did my numbers
Never slumber, party, for the bacardi
Enemies act silly I'ma spray somebody
Kama-kaze, yes yes ya'll
I was put under the wing of our cartel boss
Never fall, I stand too tall
So I'ma stay grinding paper flip through calls
Up and down the coast, state to state
Homie life's to short for me to sit and wait
So hey young girls see the watch on the wrist
You could copt that if your hustle be sick
I'm slick out the gutter you could ask my mother
Entourage at the park put just bottles for motto
Jump in the autos, it's like I hit the lotto
Cus the forecast say it's gonna rain tomorrow
So I ain't gotta floss Rabbs speak for itself
The trigger has no heart 40 deep at the park
Where should I start, oh I know where
With them 2 Colombianas with the braided hair
On some myspers slent, G in it to win
With some stacks in my pocket and I'm hurting the
Cob win, that the hate was growing
Cus the pounds of ice steady coming flowing
And it's going, to ah town near you
But back to the ladies cus you know how I do
The new season, of the flavor of love
If they don't know the time then the honeys is done
We could meet in the tub, and have us ah date
But later on tonight I want your ass on the plate
Run ah make, and find out who's greater
International Mac, I'm ah smooth operator
So welcome ah Los, the home of the K
Enemigas get sniped from ah block away
I'm ah lunatic, and my balls is hanging
This is what it's like where the H is banging
And slanging, wearing 3 strike bass
Ese drunk out the pruno, I'm Big C Mac
Illegal business, is the way we rolling
Little bush off the Kush outsiders ain't knowing
And corner liquor stores is all I see
And the one with the kakis got the baggy's of weed
You shoot at me, I'll dump ah clip on you
Ese coroner pull up, like that was you
And all I know be well dog and the owner
Task force out to find me where the shit get grimy
They can't control us, or the blocks we sit on
Muthuf**kers wanna war they the ones we shit on
You dealing with the pro, ah cold muthuf**ker
I'm in the zone blown homie serving the cluckers
So don't stunt, cus we all got paper
I'm f**king 26's homie watching the Lakers
Southern Cali, is where the f**k I'm at
Sprinkle bullets in the mag liasia the weed with
Pharmaseutical shit, ese just so you know
Like Cheech and Chong, I'm all up in smoke
Paparazzi, bullet in your lense
I got this homie, so throw up the West
It's red white green with the eagle and snake
That's some background shit, so you know it ain't
I got your feeling, like you on heroin
That's how ah G move, my lieutenants salute
Side track, for only ah second
The neighbors call the cops when they see the weapon
Ah civil war is going down in my town
Ese unfamiliar face get shot to the ground
It's vice versa, it could happen to me
El Camino roll up ah low bucks on the G
The whites love it, that we killing each other
Used to be my brother from another mother
And now you my target and I just don't get it
But if I hesitate then my chest gets shredded
And give me headaches, so I hit the spliff
Ese mind grain gone, from just ah whiff
I'm in the crib, at the side is my smith
So If I pull the trigger off the floor you lift
You wanna trip, with Big C Rock
Then be up on the block, around the clock
I think not, I see the foo's in the magnum
They come around here and C Loco will clap 'em

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Record Label(s): 2012 Felony Case

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