Hoover Park Ways Lyrics

Listen, this are my Hoover Park ways
And the way I butcher tracks I leave your people's amazed
The catagoals, where I made my home
Cus the atmosphere is right for me to choke on the zone
I'm working roots, and I got all my roots
It's ah muthuf**ken jungle I'm the first one to shoot
Salute, like we in Barue
And if it's over money bout to be ah dispute
They call me C Mac-11 belly counting my loot
So catch me if you can if you in high pursuit
If not you regrouping your computer compute
The suspect got away, he was lots on route
Ese this is what I do, everyday of the week
I'm savage with the flow, when the enemy speak
About me, I'm from the LA County
I came along way from slangin' music in swapmeets
But the story, is ah f**king movie
Bet your rich comrads would invest if they knew me
Think back, to all I've done
I took you all with me on ah dangerous run
Like ah one night affair, with Amapola
Ese finger banging bitches licking every holas
No one's colder, than your boy g rabbs
Ah cemetery dance while invoking the past
Bilal cosi, with the demon's mostly
I don't need ah price or ah f**king trophy
I'm ah dope fein, and my fix is fire
I light up my cojiba let events transpire
Cease fire, and then continue again
With the power of the strap I kill, all of your men
Ah fatal circle, about the size of ah inch
Was the hole in his chest eyes open ah flinch
Hyper dermics syringe, bring surenity
Ese killer from the West, my identity
But allegedly, I was accused by you
Well I'm off in the dungeon doing Hosho Y,U
And respectufully, your ass is wrong
So we track all your statements for your ass is gone
Like an abortion, you get no clemency
I got venom for you rappers on this melody
It's ah penalty, for no moral ethics
And my arsenal increased we're soborting the streets
Foo your pathetic, someone get 'em ah medic
With his played out style ese vatos are relic
I monopolize the game ain't no room to breath
Got's to put 'em in they hole, six feet beneath
Obsolite, you no longer in use
El Angel De La Muerte got, all of the juice
So if it's dry, like the Sahara Desert
Them vatos need work, then we got that treasure
Proffesor, everything is measured
Out of everybody out, I don't see ah successor
Giving pressure, I'm f**king raising the bar
All you crash course dummy's know who you are
My beliefs, in the ATR's
Medallen, Pa lo monte now I carry the scars
You wanna war, with Zeus himself
Simple signing to go drown you Haties take you to hell
And let those who enter leave coke behind
Cus here lies death within this murderous rhymes
So when the act man coming, do not disturb
Absorb what you can, then shut the door
I'm in ah meeting, with my top lieutenants
If orders out to rob and show the world we ah menace

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Record Label(s): 2013 Felony Case

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