High Calibur Exclusive Lyrics

Big G Rabbs f**k all your hoe's
And everybody knows you get filled with holes
Muthuf**kers stroll around with the 44
Muthuf**ker started praying when he seen the chrome
I took the throne I crown my dome
C O N burned down just blazed the zone
I killed the clone trying to bite my own
This LA gang style that I brought from home
Enemies wanna ride it's ah homicide
Unappealed on my block where I stay so high
Like leader swat with them MP5's
Muthuf**kers get swatted like Daver the fly's
Ese I'm the boss that you best no cross
Homie 5 men plas I ain't trying to floss
You will get lost, or you will get tossed
Old West stayed up on my f**ken dawgs

It's ah high caliber exclusive
And we live and direct from Los Angeles
The Westside to be exact
To that homeboy Lil Cuete and Trippalot
CEN, yeah
Marshall I'ma pimp this

You know I'm the king, to this f**ken thing
I'll brake your neck, then ship the hen
Ah wicked grin, another sin
The angel of death, gonna check that chin
And let me in, homie once again
Ese Big G Rabbs homie play to win
And this is it, go get my shit
Dough ran with the chicken he about to flip
Don't trip little homies just whip that bird
Build the cash f**k what you heard
And anybody hating just served that code
Ese 3 5 7 put ah hole in his dome
I split my toes of all my foe's
I smack bitches up put 'em on the pole
My pockets swoll, f**k with the dro
Ese Big C Rock got the scene control

It's ah high calibur exclusive
And we live and direct from Los Angeles
The Westside to be exact
To the homeboy Mad dog from the 8 o 5
And shout out to all the homies from the 6 1 9

The streets are whole, till I clip my dough
I'ma flip some more, like ah smuggle blow
And now Im on the road with like 40 boats
Of that ecstacy, on the f**ken coast
The H the most, and I'm the most
Most wanted muthuf**ker C O N the ghost
And now I'm the host, with the heroin dose
Muthuf**kers wanna see me but they don't come close
They might get caught, they might get shot
Muthuf**kers got jewels then he might get robbed
Cus that's the way, I dose my thing
I've been this way, since we was kids
So one more time for I end this shit
10 g's on your head punk that's ah hit
I split my shit, and stay legiet
Ese Big C O N with that Harpy's shit

This ah high calibur exclusive
And we live and direct from Los Angeles
The Westside to be exact
To the homeboy Spanky Loco Huero Snipes
And the rest of 3 1 Oeste
Notorious enemy, high calibur
Of Tattoo Ink bank robbery gang
Musica Asesina, all you bitches is lames
f**k Hi Power

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