Going Off Like That Lyrics

They told my ass, that I couldn't be shit
But I'm the under dog in this C Rap biz
Got pockets full of stones, they say I'm skitz
Got label's cutting checks so I'm cutting ah pig
Big thug is crazy, the projectile spray
I'm flying through the West rhyme toke in my chest
I'm in your region, I leave you paraplegic
Ese death con one need to play this strategic
Same chapters, row chains and grill
Ese pimp cup filled, got ah vato on tilt
36 26 36 and ah 6
Ah thick ass bitch bout to feed her my dick
And all I know is hate like their ain't no love
Ese Conejo Luciano break the law I'm above
Gat burst, you pulled away in ah hearse
Homie rock in my mouth posted up on the curb
I reside in the West I reside in the East
I hustle in the South come conquer the beach
I'll smoke you, you don't want it with us
Cold night Nueva York loco toss me ah gun
I'm kushed up, I'm the host of the show
Turn ladies into hoe's when ah driver get blowed
You never know, homie she could be yours
I push up on your thing I reached out on their glory
With the blow of ah felon, narcotic selling
Muthuf**ker catch ah case, from the jail house villain
I murder and shit, so baby girl don't trip
Then run and tell your man that I smashed your shit
All you see through vatos you in surgery
I rip that ass to shreds for the pultary
So stop right there, and rewind my vision
Got the feinds lined up cooking more in the kitchen
It's my aftermath, of ah shady record
Ese rap affiliated with the LA sector
Ese Hannibal lessons, decipher the lecture
To restore rezine carried out on the stretcher
While them old shool bitches trying to get at my riches
Top game mackalicious ghetto models they stripping
Self sipping, hands up on them cuete
Game rise on the witness leave the victim and flicker
I really do this, you f**king silly buffoon
My greys fill eyes stay scanning the room
It's going down now, you better leave it alone
You know what I'm talking chop the f**k off your dome
It's like this though, I'm the last man standing
Ese bad guy's back and the crappy slangers
Step down, and kiss the pinky ring
Or the four five rooky's coming out of the wing
I'm the realest muthuf**ker in the game right now
I'ma tell you f**king bitches how it's going down
Ese high calibur, coma gangsta shit
Homie been checker rabbit, since 96
So ask Gonzalo 'bout the f**king fusion
This ah West Los haunt, so their ain't no confusion
Roll call, heroin yeska perico
Plus ah senteretre bout to eat up your flesh
But now it's time to check to the next ID
And for the real muthuf**kas I'ma keep this G
And I'll bet, you won't skip ah track
Cus C Mac-11 is going off like that

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