Can't Stop Won't Stop Lyrics

I put him in the box, and go for ah walk
I'm slick like ah fox loco blunt on the docks
This f**kers down, when I skip through town
They only get ah hit as much as I allow
So it's nothing, cus your boy too gutter
I'm that crack cookie cutter with that AK stutter
My bread and butter, is methamphetamine
The notorious comand, is my regime
We supreme, that mean I'll murk you fast
So next time they ask you'll be ah thing of the past
As soon as I spot 'im, you know I rob 'im
Enemy around the block I pulled up and I shot 'em
That's ah horror flick, on your T you quipt
Ese this real shit, ain't no magic trick
Slide clippin', on your set I'm trippin'
Bang bang bang ese guess who's slept in
No not me so that must mean you
Ese run for cover, see yo later foo
That's ah rhyme scheme, that's much too basic
So let me break it down and take you into the matrix
Estoy arriba, en este juego
Remember when I said, que la ache trae fuego
That's ah fact, that was proven
Muthuf**kas wanted beef and I had them moving
So name one rapper that could do what I do
While keeping it authentic in his county blues
County what, county state of the feds
In Los it don't matter if your wearing that red
Cus every gang in the street, is all Sureños
Southern California, es mi terreno
Ask Veneno, and he'll tell you the same
He's in and out the system ese catching ah chain
And me, I got the system waiting
For that last 100 then he carpendated
I've been taking, everyone on this ride
It's like ah masculine trip, hallucinations are mine
You see the sign, it say dead end boy
That's dead end trece, West Side Harpy's boy
Hard drama, urban crime suspense
Ese eyes real low, shit about to commence
I'm too cold, that's something they don't hold
10 foo's on ah summer I'll f**king serve 'em all
That's all, that's how it be
They just waiting, to smash on me
But they cant, cus I got this song
Muthuf**ker make ah move, he get put in the hole
That's how I roll, but you know that
Can't stop won't stop homie Big C Mac

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Record Label(s): 2014 Conejo

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