Call It What You Want Lyrics

Check me out now, cus I'm back with more
Mobster shit, like I said before
I'm Grim Reaping, with the chopper I'm sweeping
I move it from ah distance on ah week and then frequent
Cus ain't no challenger, on the real that's ready
Machete it confetti, what ah f**ked up ending
Mind bending, this rap shit I live it
Shot's at your skull, that's how you get it
Is you wit it, or is you not
Cus G code in effect, around the clock
I'm C Rock, lyrical stamina
I'm all in this beats like ah animal
I'm multinational, I'm not rational
Switch blade in my pocket coming straight at you
You better watch it, or get ah puncture wound
I'm bugged out on the coca album's dropping soon
And that day, you have f**ked up weather
Ese vatos get snatched body parts get severed
Pull the lever, and your gone forever
While me and your bitch in the room together
On the serio, this is something better
Them other vatos weak they ain't put no effort
Nothing lesser, in this felony venture
I'm ah cold muthuf**ker that applying the pressure
Beat downs, on this microphone
Ese critical bars that leave ah hole in your dome
You know the song, making beats in the basement
I step out for some air and see the blood on the pavement
Now your death, yes this be true
Flash back 13 I was sniffing that glue
My thug game, is raw as f**k
Could show you if you want just let me smoke this blunt

Angel of Death, boss of bosses
Ah legend when it comes to this
Pass me the f**king weed I'm trying to get high
You heard me, sinister kingdom
Bonarue nation, got to foo
Don't even trip, check me

You know what it is, I'm killing this shit
Ain't nobody come close, to do it like this
It's how I speak, that they film the street
And every line spoken, they picture me toking
I'm ah fast live gangster from the LAC
Little homies zone out to the new LP
He decided, to walk that path
If you do get some dope, throw some track just add
Ese damn, I'm ah f**king menace
They evacuate the building when I enter the premise
It's endless, ah dimensional entrance
Into another world, where my spirit the essence
Slow it down, so you could understand
That my bitch on her pole, to ah slow ass jam
I'm just watching, from right here in this chair
Ese writing all this raps, blowing smoke in the air
It's my weaponry, that take you deep
Like sit your ass down, take ah f**king seat
Before you feel, the flame's from hell
Three minutes thirty seconds how I cast the spell
Personnel, is ah global sell
That go into action if they wants to compel
In jail, something of value's
Some nights I be high seven bills of the valley
Uranium, is in my cranium
West Coast muthuf**ka Dodger stadium
And I'm fading 'em, as I maneuver on Hoover
AK at my side, I'm the driver and shooter
Kill you sooner, ese than you thought
Then I'm off with the homies to the rifa spot
Ah clever mind, is what I got
All verse no hook call it what you want

I make this shit look easy, well it is to me it's not to
you. El Angel de la Muerte, jefe de jefes. Conejo,
representando la hache. Con esta musica te ago pedasos.
Yeah, so call it what you want. I don't give ah f**k, I
run this.

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Record Label(s): 2013 Conejo

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