Beneath The Darkness Lyrics

You never know what's gon' happen
Yeah, so go ahead, and smoke some of this shit right
There's enough to go around for everybody
The calles is running red with blood homie
And me, I'm an originator
I'm from where the drive by was born
Let me kick this

Beneath the darkness, there reside
Ah gangster with ah mission not afraid to fly
Full metal, out commence
Thinking deep muthuf**ker oceanic abyss
So bury me next to ah save ah tree
You don't know look it up that's the master key
It's chronicle rhymes at every dead line
An act of war only to restore
The evil deeds, that were committed
Ah million words to ah be transmitted
ATM 2 11 I'm on the edge
Ese never to reveal I took ah pledge
I'm undefeated, so I wake and take
I keep on moving no parking brake
Contraband, drugs for your ears
If you have to much it might get you killed
Bullets feed, if your up to no good
I'm ah titan homie if you come to my hood
Head hunter, they say the misfit avenge
It's ah muthuf**ken thirst that I got's to quench
Full of money, I ride like ah ghost
C Rock driven, from pillar to post
I do the most, that's ever been done
Other foo's in this race always get out run
HPS cocaine express
Dressed all black Mac-11 possessed
You ah mess, and this is chess
I press muthuf**kers and they break on the stress
Untouchable, this are my kingdom balls
I piss on you rats like Niagara Falls
Collect calls, from the c d c
And ah couple of my boys in the b o p
And it's domestic violence when I jump on the track
Cus I grew up on ah beat like my bitch with ah gat
It's like whaaat, who the f**k in the back
Wanna open their mouth, and sample the wrath
Braaa, his line went flat
Slide it to my boy he get rid of that
Resin dues, fitted cap
Ese was affiliated where them Harpy's at
I miss the streets more than they miss me
As I stare from my street at the Caribbean Sea
I'ma guarantee that you get what you pay for
On the dance floor finger banging your hoe
I put in 2 then 3 cus she wanted more
I turned her ass around when she gave me the go
That's how it go, that's how it went
Beneath the darkness ah recurring event

It's like gun plays more, and I'm evil for ah fright
Revenge was planned, and executed to the fullest
And that's my mind set, felony case entertainment

Your funeral's outrageous in ah barrel of acid
When your dead to this level, shit get drastic
Enthusiastic, by this digital flood
I've been stuck in the mud and I shed some blood
So calm your nerves and just observe
Obliterate this nina combination of words
I got my degree, not ah PHD
Ah GAT, and you ah flee
Inch get scratched off the f**ken list
Only in the system do we co exist
It's ah vendetta culture, and I'm ah vulture
Ese catch your ass slipping on the H I'ma proach ya
And smoke ya, like ah joint or ah primo
Crushing up dope in ah brand new sino
Loaded kimo, when I'm done with this
Ese all bitches rattle don't you hear them hiss

My music is mayhem, it's ah platform for death
I mean ain't nothing else left
And I've said it before, don't come around here
Cus you might not make it back home
Real talk, real talk

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Record Label(s): 2012 Felony Case

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