N 2 Deep Lyrics

geah...wutup niggas
the compton cyco is back
In your shit for the nine-deuce
And check this out
My nigga Scarface is in the motherf**kin house
And we bout to drop some gangsta shit

MC Eiht:

I guess its true what they say,
when your too far gone aint no turning back.
And coming from the Compton mack thats a f**kin fact.
Livin in the city where bitches won't
give up the pussy for free so a nigga don't.
So heres my story. Another story about a nigga
who lives his life by the f**kin trigga.
Gotta get my serve on, nigga you don't hear me though
Throw up the hood, might blast on 5-0.
First I hit the Ides and get pumped up.
Now I'm rollin in the car kinda slumped up.
I pop the glove box, Then I reach the block,
Then I plug your ass in the chest with the glock.
And that's how the shits get done,
I guess I'm a mutherf**kin nigga on the run.
but I wont let them take me alive, so I don't sleep
Cuz, geah, I'm in too deep.


In too deep, aint no turnin back.
Cock up your mutherf**kin gauge...

Mista-Mista Scarface for the nine-deuce,
Niggas pack a nine, f**k you bitch I pack a nine too.
Millimeter Ruger for you hoes who try to flex nuts,
You point your shit, I pull my shit, come nigga now lets check nuts.
Born a hustla, raised a hustla, never gonna stop trick.
Buck a hustla, mutherf**ker boy, you better die bitch.
Found myself a busta, had the boy front me an Oz.
f**ked him out his money, worked my way up to a whole key.
Now he's got some niggas trying to ball 'Face
Time to go to work, need some back' better call Eiht.
Call my nigga up, Kicked the fundementals.
2 way ticket 3 o'clock, continental.
Eiht rolled in with the mutherf**kin task force,
Bucked them hoes off, dropped him off at the airport
Niggas don't ever f**k with me cuz I'm a nigga who plays the game for
Drop you on your ass with the quickness, cuz I'm in too deep.

MC Eiht

Geeah, the criminals is in the mutherf**kin house..

Now they got us on the run, but we tired of runnin
Got the glocks all cocked, let the fools keep coming.
Scarface got the mutherf**kin pump under the seat.
So niggas better duck or your ass is f**ked. geah.
The mad man with nuthin to lose.
So you better bring your strap or catch the blues.
And um, or get served like a damn clucker,
sucker, or in the end be a short mutherf**ker.
Now them one times is all on my back and
heard that Scarface and Eiht peeled the cap and
they wanna gaffle us up. But its a shame.
Can't fade the best from Compton and the mid-west.
So watch your back when the niggas step.
cuz the scene that is left is your whole families death.
And fool don't sleep,
Cuz sorry mutherf**ker, we in too deep.

Geah. In your shit for the nine-deuce.
MC Eiht in the mutherf**kin house, and my nigga Scarface and shit.
DJ Slip in mutherf**kin house. And we killin the shit off. Geah.

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Songwriter(s): Terry Allen, Isaac Hayes, Aaron B. Tyler, Brad Jordan
Record Label(s): 1992 Sony Music Entertainment Inc
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