Never Touch The Gate Lyrics

[Chorus One: Composha]
I could flow everyday;
And pray away;
As I lie awake;
What to make;
Which life to take;
I created my fate;
It's not fo' da fake;
Did I mention the pain and hate;
I'll neva reach da gate;
- I Said -
I'll neva reach da gate;
I'll never touch the gate ---


Told me to pick up da pace;
I can't take this place;
Been lookin' fo' grace;
I wanna cut-up yo' face;
And put it in place;
But that's anotha case;
Nothin' else do I fear to face;
I did what I wanted;
And now foreva haunted;
I'll have the prosecutor taunted;
And appear on America's Most Wanted;
(A Thug)
f**k you think of that;
Life is shit-
So I'm ready to attack;
Bitch you best get back;
This pure destruction;
A multiple mass-eruption;
I'm disruptin' N' bustin';
To Me Bitch-
Yo' life means nothin';
Now tell me I'm worth somethin';

[Chorus One: Composha]

I'm steady gunnin';
My mind always runnin;
Enemies neva here me comin';
I just appear and they jumpin';
Cause the sounds bumpin' N dumpin';
Let's get this bitch crunk;
Tear it the f**k up;
Light anotha blunt;
Cause I don't give a f**k;
Now give it up;
Directly to me;
I paint the picture to see;
What we destin' to be;
The shit we stressin' to see;
And the light that set us free;
I'm ready to float;
Stay ready to toke;
Sittin' on clouds of elegant smoke;
Lookin' down on the world-
Full of money and coke;
No-one should ever go broke;
(A Pussy Rated Last)
Another stack or two;
What the f**k am I to do;
I gotta pursue;
Cause this week-
I got money comin' through;
(It's On Homie)

[Chorus One: Composha]

Been locked in the cage;
Now I turn the page;
N' I'm explodin' with rage;
When I step on stage;
Throw rhymes N' lines-
Like I'm a f**kin' mage;
I only expect the worst;
It hurts;
When a close one-
Laid out in the dirt;
Goin' f**kin' breserk;
A little outburst;
Remember to expect the worst;
This a motha-f**kin' curse;
So everyone runnin' to church;
-What's it really worth? --
I'm the legend breathin;
Maybe a demon;
With my veins steamin';
My mind and heart gleamin';
And I'm Still standin' N' I'm still dreamin' -----
(Picture A Life)
[Chorus One: Composha]

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