Hollow Lyrics

Uh, uh, uh

[Hook 1]
Tamagotchi on my waist I'm feelin' fresh
Ok, I keep my homies with me I can never stress
Ok, I keep my bible on me I'm forever blessed
I don't pay my cash
Diamonds on my chest (uh, uh,)
I'm the best (uh, uh)
Nothin' less (uh,uh)
Pull up in a tesla uh on a quest (huh)
Now I'm coming next
I'm gon' make my bands
Watch me do the rest
Watch me do the- (ooh weyhooo)

[Verse 1]
Uh, uh pull up on 'em proper
Uh uh, pop open the trunk, get the choppa (uh)
Got a white tee Inuyasha
I don't know her name, but she a topper (uh, uh)
Where we at? (uh, uh) Studio (yeah)
Take off on 'em (uh, yeah) UFO
I got that blade all on my back they call me Ichigo
I got a señorita said she come from Mexico
(Uh, uh) I been high, never low, star like I'm Joe
Slippin' niggas like Neo and nigga hatin' like Dio
Uh, gettin' money that's a reach
Now she on me like a leech
Nigga better practice what you preach
Niggas be hollow like it's Bleach

[Hook 2]
Niggas hollow like it's Bleach
Why he lyin' through his teeth?
I been grindin' on the streets
Gettin' money on my feet
I can never take defeat
Devil tryna' tempt me like I'm weak
I been out here drippin' like a leak
I been out here lookin' hella fleek

[Verse 2]
Ok he dig
Uh, uh like a booga'
Come give me some suga'
White tee on me like booker'
Nigga's mad, I understand that's his girl I took her
And I said "Hey!" I like your bag, I know you a looka'
Nigga's mean talkin' smack
White tee on my back
Yo bitch mean, homies strapped
Winnin' team, never lack
Put my dreads in some plats
He's chasin' clout I'm chasin' stacks
I ghosted Ruby like I'm Max
And my nigga, I be spittin' facts

[Verse 3]
Uh, I'm just feelin' good can confess (uh)
Heard he mad, run attached (uh)
Punch his chest lost his breath (uh)
Shawty bad oh my god (uh)
Diamonds in like Meth (uh)
Why you walkin' off (uh)
Need a color red
f*ck a gadgitech
I can dream, I can dream, I can dream, I can dream
Niggas mad yeah on lean
Niggas mad, she my dream
I been mad 'cause I'm mean
Loan an arrow like I'm pit
I been lookin' mean
But you know I look like this

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Songwriter(s): Cochise
Record Label(s): 2019 Cochise
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