Where You Been
Clinton Sparks


Where You Been Lyrics

"Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm [gunshot]
That I'm so sin-cere" - Jay-Z {*repeat 3X*}
"Where you been" Pusha, "Where you been" Malice
"Where you been, wh-where you, where you been"

[Verse One: Clipse]
By the time the 5 pull up, e'ry (bitch) look up
Million records sold (nigga) still sellin cook up
Pusha, you know what the flow like
The hook-up, you know what that snow like
Got 7 Dwarves on the corner like I'm Snow White
(f*ck) I'm married to the game, throw rice
Keep the heater on my waist for them cold nights
Protect my chain, chest lit like it's Lite Brite
A horse is a horse, of course of course
323 of 'em in that Porsche
Get a load of this, lifestyle of the rich
And I don't even race her, I baby that (bitch)
Oh the muggin, oh so repugnant
I fly 'em in from London, who like redundant?
I British Broadcast, this is billionaire day
Boys club, (f*ck) the rocks, color canary - Clipse


[Verse Two: Clipse]
Cats ain't got a clue as to what real cash is
Each of my neighbors is doctors and actors
They wanna know 'bout the kid who half backwards
Who backyard look like it's a scene from The Masters
And what I know about a 9-iron
The only iron I know is the 9 I was firin
Now everywhere I look it's me they admirin
30 years in age, contemplatin retirement
Could it be, the jewels or the drop
Crib so huge that I call it Camelot
Or could it be that 50 carat watch
Or me on the red carpet, coolin with Carrot Top
Trust me young'n, I will show you the meanin
In that Porsche 911, with the engine screamin
50 grand don't even feed my demons
My life like a fairytale, pinch me I'm dreamin

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2005 LANDSPEED

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