Black Pleasure Lyrics

(Ch-ch-check, check-ch-check)
(Everybody to the front, everybody to the front)
(To the front, to the front, to the front, to the front)
(I see you over there!)
(Check!) Yeah, check
You are now in tune, to the last man
At the ceremony (man plays the horn)

Yeah, recapturing the mind
Revisions of the crime
You [?] a tightrope
You chokin' on the brine
This a blackness, a black blackness
Before black was a blackness you sold on the map
Farewell, fairytalе [?] facin' a fact
It was this when you got it, when its our it was that
Send rеminders like an old friend that left him in the past like flash
I don't know him, we rumble again
Cellphone entertainers you [?] the sick [?]
Of rappers and street singers all up in the mix
Every year its a new year, dead autographs
We mapped the Mars frontier, take me away
To a blackness still like the darkness of space
To a nothing is forever separated from hate
Two D's in the front yard, shorty popped off
From niggas stressin' her too hard, cause life is a mess
What I've seen from my porch while I'm clearing my head
Ashtray full of dreams ever great but they dead
Black pleasure was the blueprint these niggas still [rep for likes?]
Niggas in 2 cents and who do you miss?
Role call to the OGs, [?] R.I.P ODB
Meltdown the trophy to a COD
That was [?] as you made it, please don't keep me
[?] to my peace, all alone, I was a king
The cream rolled off, it was stiff
Down south, niggas whipping up to walk with a sip
Get your mind realigned to the planets, they shift, nigga
Yo, just fixate on that
Yo, when you say my name, recognize I'm a fixture
Never to be cropped out the image of the picture
Yo this is real time, live in full effect, you are now in tune
Yo, let me talk my shit

[Verse 2]
This ain't no cloud, vape, pot, what you thought it was
This that hipnotic, this that exotic
Behind closed doors, shit was getting erotic
The bounce-backers spot the hands of the [?]snatchers
Two sparks on a play, that's a good omen
Seven albums of the day, I was just flowing out of my mind
Broken hands on the clock so we battle with time
Do the most, my nigga

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Songwriter(s): Cities Aviv
Record Label(s): 2022 D O T
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