The Four Horsemen Lyrics

The Four Horseman

(Ill Bill)

I've been an outlaw and a gambler,
Long as i can remember
Drink whiskey from a bottle and always carry a banger
Poker face womanizer bank robber
And legend my name ring bells across the front tier
when im mentioned
When i step foot in the saloon i get a lot of attention
I reckon there's haters your threatened by the strength
of our weapon
The speed of our bullets you wanna taste the heater i
pull it
I'm a goon with a golden six shooter n a mullet
4 dead jump up on top the barn then shout
If anybody else want drama better pop it off now
Sow many times this situation happened i can't remember
So i turned 21 and got drunk with a bartender
Gun slingers think they Clint Eastwood
I'm like Jesse James ride up on a pony dump 6 in they
Twistin' they frames like tumble weeds
Blister they brains then bounce to the whore house for
more whiskey n things


The Navajos and Mayans Drop the skin of tigers in
Feedin the cows like Josey West i'll hold it down with
two barells
Back to the terrance prostitution rack is a paris
sippin cactus
Dippin' on stallions my cordaroy's are blood splattered
Decapitated my spurs carved like taxiderm
Toss the mayor jacked on his wife and let his cabbage
Moomerous moonshine runs in Kentucky
Keep the powder up in the ten gallon in-case i get
Omega's a man and his porch starin' at commons
Four horseman we ridin' through your prairie like
Close to the trees shot at the volt machine is progress
Kidnapped the sanities daughter penetrated with objects
Whiskey bottles n twist offs killers know conscience
See the dead are in jail that's how they moven' the
The bloody sickle death to the cheds accomplished
Its a gorey ride this battle hits blood in the compass

(Chorus: (Necro))
Four horseman are drawin' nearer,
On a leather stage we ride,
We've come to take your life,
All through the dead of night,
We the four horseman ride,
Or choose your fate and die


There's no loss spitten' flem on the floor and clappin
I'll test you skin I smoke wagons see what happens
I'm tired of your gas jerked that pistol and go to work
Throw down boy ill bitch slap you till your lip blood
My aiming is more than precise when i slay men
We both got gats lets play for blood, just say WHEN
Let's settle this so we're crystal clear
On whose the nicest and fastest ever im the deadliest
There's no future for dumb f**ks
After my gun bucks
Smooth when im menueverin my 6 shooter like nun chucks
Shootin clowns in the faces, the drinks on me
Piano man steven fauster camp town races
I'm down to dump anywhere far from a punk
I got two guns one for each one of you when im drunk
Watch out when the squads out
Don't you ever try to man handle the cavol
We'll cut your f**king pimps heart out


OK Corral style shootout till sundown
Im takin ten paces by the faces with a round
Recoil like Will Carver with the .44 revolver
Got a fist full of dollars once i started robbin
Your tomb stone terrorist buck you down my nemisis
Creepin in the crevice its someone the man ever since
16th blade for the murder of a deputy
Robbed 30 banks and they never close to catchin me
Drawin fire first your destinies inside the dirt
Cause my trigger fingers faster then the hands of Wyatt
I'll stumble in a bar guns are burpin in my clutches
5 card stud catchin straights and raw flushes
Wild bunch horseman the fudgitive outlaw
With double barrel action son ill shoot at you southpaw
Young guns with total style always the most vile
Ride up through your streets turn ur hood to a ghost

(Chorus: (Necro))
Four horseman are drawin' nearer,
On a leather stage we ride,
We've come to take your life,
All through the dead of night,
We the four horseman ride,
Or choose your fate and die

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