Hatin' Lyrics

Man watchu watchu think about that Choppa cat brotha?
Man shit what the f**k is a aul anyway?
Aint nobody talked about the west bank in like ten years, you da first one
What tha f**k is a wild west biggidy anyway?
I wish somebody let me know, the nigga be talkin bout some crazy shit
What tha f**k he talkin bout he said his name like 300 times in one f**kin song, Choppa style Chop Chop Choppa style, what is that he aint sayin nothin
All I know is his name, I know it real well, I don't even know his face
What the f**k is...

Just because I got me a deal, doesn't mean I gotta big head
Can't hook up wit my people and chill
Ima' rap til I'm blue in tha face, and keep my money and my fans
Understand Ima' do what it takes, I never was fake
Everthang I'm spittin is real,I was hungry I was hustlin
So I'm gettin a deal, flippin my skills, flippin this deal
Whatever it takes I'll put a hater in tha dirt
And hit the verse that's waitin, ya i learned that from Kim
When they had tha streets blocked, they had tha heat that made you fade away
Like a police squad, they even had little guns soundin like grease pops
And so much candy you would think it was sweet shops
Now I gone an done shows with Jigga, smoked with Juvey,hooked up wit Ja Rule
And felt some booty, had hoes claimin that they wanted to school me
I'm bout my money,not bout what them bitches out ta do me
Cause I'm in this to win this,so gimme your mic
Ima spin this and send this and betchu you like, ya, Ima' break em off propa propa, man f**k tha nigga hatin' on Choppa Choppa c'mon.

Man tha nigga can't even rap, I heard his hypeman be writin tha songs
Then I go check out tha show, he slingin his winkey tha whole show
(bang bang) I don't wanna see his winky I wanna see what he's talkin bout.

Niggas goin off with a nigga and told ya
But I got 50 niggas who willin' ta show ya, I aint even talkin bout guns
Lemme blow ya, I got niggas down from the Mararo to tha Magnolia
YA Now these niggas gettin line, like they had scholeosis
And I was bout ta fix they spine and I'll I do is spit these rhymes
I don't aim at tha bulls-eye, but I seem ta hit each time
And I heard that fake shit that you said in your soul
Let a nigga make money bitch leave me alone, all that hatin' and reppin' on Choppa Chop, can't get mad just because a nigga hot you not
And you niggas keep on sayin I'm wack, but every time I see ya pops at tha corner he's always given me gaps said,(I wish my son could rap that way)
And I write my own rhymes, that's Juh Juh Juh Juh J-M-K.

Maaan f**k Choppa basically he aint doin shit, he aint never gonna amount to shit, Uh Oh there he go, man that nigga bout ta go stage, there that nigga go right there, man Ima' sneak in there dog, Ima' fool you heard me
Ima' real nigga you heard me, f**k Choppa(Wuz up man,wuz happnin')
Hey Choppa Choppa hey(Hey wuz happnin)I got that lil dance down,Choppa style Chop Chop Choppa style, I gotta love you boy(Fo sho,fo sho,fo sho)
Hey i get all the grab dog,T-shirt,album(Hey man you got that dog)
Even my grandma talkin bout you, Independant women holla, Ooow
(Alright Ima' holla at chu when I get of the stage alright man)
I'm your number one fan(When I get off tha stage, alright fo sho fo sho)
Little bitch ass nigga come up here talkin' ta me
Tryin ta jack me off and shit, nigga I thought you were gonna sneak in there
Well I kinda like that song dog,You kinda like that song?
What tha type of nigga you is? I'm tha one that said he was a bitch ass nigga you went to agreein', but I, but I been talkin' I like that song
Awww man you was talkin bout' he was a ol' hoe ass nigga man what's wrong whitchu? You just mad cause' he f**ked your girl.

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