Kilmer Lyrics (ft. Lloyd Banks)

[Verse 1: Chevy Woods]
Somebody tell these niggas we get money too
We out here ballin' my nigga there ain't that much to do
Ya, we gettin' paper and my diamonds clear
I slammed the door on that old school and then I slap the gear
Uh, and all this paper's mine and you know that
Them 22′s I chrome that
Them [?] on and that's throwback
I had a nine five back in 95
And that's Taylor Gang so I would be trying
You niggas know me that's or die
You niggas know me that's or die, TGOD

[Hook: Chevy Woods X2]
We gettin' to this money what the f**k you think
Just some young niggas tryna break the bank

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
[?] we celebrating
Here to talk but he hella paid
We don't care if it escalates
Some shit just gon' never change
Ya'll gon' need better shades
Louis Vutton out the everglades
Do it wrong I ain't got no choice
New shoes and my Bentley [?]
Bad hoes on dick these days
I'm the bomb on [?]
Diamonds on my everything
Firearms and deadly strays
Blow jobs on [?]
[?] gold Chanel
It start at ten then go to twelve
We drunk as hell we smokin' L's


[Verse 3: Chevy Woods]
In the morning, like Alonzo
If it's bout' bread I got convoke
Four floors that's a condo
I be on point, that's Rondo
I got a lot of shit on my mind
That's got to do with this money
No I ain't droppin' a dime and you rich niggas don't get it from me
Old friends callin' my phone and I don't know how they got my number
Same niggas I used to get it with same niggas they still runners
I don't knock it I just tell them take a break
They just tryna make that white girl blow up, Ricki Lake


Sledge told me kill em'
I put the red dot on them niggas head like an Indian, f**k is wrong with you, uh
And we sippin' red cups, my niggas get drunk and they still f**k you up
My nigga it's gang shit my nigga, know what I'm sayin'?
Me and my niggas keep it on the left side
Bang that, what, 4,800 what's good?

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