Hard Times Lyrics (ft. Max B & Chinx Drugz)

[Hook: Max B]
Should've took a plea deal, 40 years flat...
...hard times, hard times...
Should've took a plea deal, 40 years flat...
...hard times, hard times...

[Verse 1: Cheekz]
I'm out tryna get a deal, where my nigga Max?
Hold his head, waitin' on appeal – this shit is gettin' real
Young niggas in the street is gettin' killed
My mans caught 7-5 from the squeal
The judge told a nigga:
“You'll never see your kids when it's college time”
Then a tear dropped from his mama's eye
Now that's pain...
These fake niggas screamin' out “homicide”
But would rather walk when you say it's time to ride
Now that's lame...
Makin' moves through Harlem blocks with my nigga Scrilla
Wave Gang, Coky Boyz, splittin' up vanilla
The 413 is what I breathe, son
This rap I'm bringin' back for the cash like a refund
You like a stripper chick, you just see ones
Fresh in the game, they gon' hate when I leave, son
Then I'll be labelled as a Steve Nash
But as now I'll move the rock, who needs a weed bag?

[Hook: Max B]

[Verse 2: Max B]
It's like these niggas is mad at me
I should be on the cover of every magazine, yeah
She's twirling like a ballerina
Swervin' with them scuzzies out in Catalina
I seen 'em comin', I grabbed the nina
She seem to love it, but I had to leave her
We need to see some unity
f**kin' with my money, they'll be singin' at your eulogy
Prayin' that they loose me
Damn, these ma'f**kas play for keeps
...gods, they're not playin' in the streets
And now I'm gone, the Second Amendment, you gotta love it
Got a oven and my big T – mama, come and pray for me
Now we under the tomb and they want the time they take from me
Biggie still wavy in this shit...

[Verse 3: Chinx Drugz]
Coke Boyz, largest empire, Ghenghis Khan
Call your bitch over and have a bang-a-thon
Left hand worth 50 grand
Flash it on 'em, the nigga won't see his bitch again
Waitin' on the mothership with the mother load
f**kin' with that nigga Drugz, that's a double-o
Bang 'em, walked into danger
Scooped the shell casings, no trail like the Blazers
Bitches I recruit and niggas gawkin' like...
Lookin' like God when I'm hoppin' out the coupe
Nigga pull up on the curb and the bitches get to choosin'
The day you was conceived was the day you started losing

[Hook: Max B]

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Record Label(s): 2015 Makin Moves Entertainment Recordings

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