Can't You See Lyrics

[Intro: The Notorious B.I.G.]
I can't even listen to that Hip Hop too much, man
'Cause they talking about garbage, man
Some mcees is aight but a lot of them is funny, man
They got that portrayal of being...
First they tough, then something happens to them
They turn to God, then when everything is cool, they tough again
I don't understand it, it's real confusing to me
I just said, I'm just gon' listen to me and Junior Mafia and some slow jams
'Cause I can't deal with this kind of [?]
And if I hear one more rapper talk about Versace
Leave it alone, it's over y'all, it's no more
It's just finished, I started it and I'm ending it
It's over!
[Verse 1]
It's big girl business and bitch, I'm well suited for the job
Grinding out my nine, hit the stu' up in a while
Old heads from my neighbourhood, I grew up it was wise
Taught me never bite the hand that's putting food up in your mouth
If I put it back into action while you cats is relaxing
I'm stacking and steady laughing at you faggots' reaction
Them boys ain't actually rapping
Good at stretching and flipping money like I practice gymnastics
f*ck a nine-to-five, I got better offers
Putting my foot on these niggas' necks, I ain't letting off them
So when it comes to stacking my bank, I set it off
'Cause every dick-head think they got a shot 'till I try to [?]
Off with you niggas, got my whole crew dripping designer
Money stretching like it's in a recliner, real niggas behind us
[?] mission to find us
When they forgetting, money can be their quickest reminder
And my pops is trying to make bail
By any means, I gotta get a nigga, I can't fail
City where them niggas wasn't raised well
Hustle them niggas, sell em old pies in a bake sale
Playing dirty with niggas, most of the time they're digging their dirt too
Did a couple of things, make decisions that hurt too
Hit the booth and give my city the sickest verse
I'm trying to stay grinding like a teenager that's missing curfew
I'm just trying to get the riches now
And Magic Johnson ain't the sickest out
Road to riches took a different route
I'm trying to map my mission out
Never slacking with my business now
Smallest pockets got the biggest mouth
Before they tell you yes, they gon' say no first
So have a plan B, in case your plan A don't work
Got a couple of shooters that's on pay roll, set
Trying to get my pockets deeper than a J Cole verse, yeah!
Trying to see my mama park a Range soon
Flipping change like a referee before he start a game
And it's hard to tell the difference when it's all the same
Average shit ain't got a place in the boss's lane
Different level [?] do shit you can't never know
'Cause was dealt the bad hand but we will never fall
On the highest pedestal, I got the better flow
Niggas know I got the crown, that shit was set in stone
Nothing worse than wasted potential
Chasing on figures for [?] my name's official
I aim with a pistol, I turn you lames into dinner
I've been plotting since niggas was in the basement with Tigger
How you figure, the system was never made for the coloured folks
Throw y'all niggas out the stage, true like I'm under oath
Man, y'all niggas ain't coming close, I'm laughing to the bank
To show you niggas how you're all just a bunch of jokes
Uh, rap city, nigga

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Songwriter(s): Ch Noir
Record Label(s): 2019 T C F Music Group
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