Prada Body Bag Lyrics

Killin' every beat like I Hate Dre's headphones
AK's your ear drums
Fillin' every street with a great statement
Left home for the west coast
Let's go
Call me the Time Zone Microphone Stop-Watch
Wife at home, whiping nose cause it got snot
Highest hoes in the sky, with the white spots
Cloudy vision when I overpower rhythm
Smack Janet's ass for doing what I do to the nation
Movin' her butt cause you know what enslaved them
I'm not a "Who, " I am IT. Not a f**kin' owl
Y'all cursed with a dry spell, like cuttin' towels
Big brother, your sister wanna hug me now
I'm a sick lover, little niggas wanna slug me now
Blunts at Popeye's, screamin' "Well, hold me down"
Rock'em Sock'em Robots for you homie clowns
Word to 5, like the number of letters inside the word "blood"
Don't wonder I'm better, despite the curve up
Samples love me cause I keep them so tender,
Like a winter night isn't tight when I listen right
This mid-summer night's dream is, under my feet
Dream is like, "What have you done to my beat? "
Calm down, write another hook, nigga
He just laugh, like the life of lovin' crook pictures
Every rapper think they Tony Montana
Give them niggas a Tony, for they phony hard grammar
Their rent is due, I'm sicker than the AIDS bitch
I figure, eh, since you you kissin' on that AIDS bitch
Her figures great, but got blisters on her face, shit
"Give It Away", Flea. Anthony K. sees
Family races me, landin' in place to see,
I damaged the bass and the keys with my beat laceage
Bitch I know you ain't over there, tryna take my world
End up like McCully in "My Girl"
With my bee stings, got you weeping
BBM flow, get it? We ping
My team is on hold for my love life
They not feelin' such, but they just right
I need a wife, not a slut for the night
I'm as evil as the needle, but I love coloring like I love it
Can I get some more of your mucus, on my pool stick
Or your cool spit, on my flute, miss
Married to lies, dare me to die?
I just urbanly just replayed a scene from "American Pie"
The Hamathemagician, peep my American Pi
I, give the Mic ecstasy, so Hi
Call me mallsexual, because I BUY
Be you, why?
No DUI's
I seem too shy? Well, I can keep you fly
I greet two guys, call them Napoleon and Dad
To eat you guys, throw you in a Jag
Breezing through the L-I-E
In the ride, while holding a mask,
With sodium gas, over your ass
Since you comin' out your face with shit
I am cigarettes, on some dangerous shit
Like, buy some cigarettes as if I would really advise you to
Light a newie
You silly to try to do it, don't even try it
Death is the draw back, go on a diet
Sex, just call it that Billy Blanks, nigga
Say thanks, nigga

Call it Billy Blanks, nigga
The Blanks nigga
Just call it Billy Blanks, nigga
The Blanks nigga
Just call it Billy Blanks, nigga
The Blanks nigga
Just call it Billy Blanks, nigga
The Blanks nigga
Tae Bo!

Soooo, since this is the last mixtape
(Uh work it out) [Plays in Background]
You know
Probably not
But, since this is the last mixtape...
I think I wanna give a shout out...
I-I-I-I don't... really... wanna give a shout out right now
(Nothin' but blue lines)
One time for the world!
(Saw the plus sign, like you must respect it)
I just like- I just like
I just LIKE
Log in
Aight, we out!

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